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1991 IRS News Releases

News Releases are issued by the IRS whenever there is information of importance that needs to be released to the public or practitioner community. All 1991 releases are included here except those pertaining to IRS personnel changes

The numbering system identifies the year and the number of the News Release. Fact Sheets are identified with filenames beginning "FS-91'" followed by the number of the fact sheet.

IR-91-130 Dec. 23, 1991
General Analytics Awarded Telecommunications Contracts
General Analytics Corporation (GAC) today was awarded two more contracts that will provide telecommunications equipment and services for Internal Revenue Service and other Department of Treasury offices in ten central and southwest states for up to 10 years.
IR-91-127 Dec. 17, 1991
IRS May Have A Check for You
The holiday season is here and the Internal Revenue Service says it may have a gift for you -- your income tax refund check. The IRS says 55,000 taxpayers have not yet claimed their 1990 federal income tax refunds totaling more than $25 million.
IR-91-126 Dec. 12, 1991
General Analytics Awarded Telecommunications Contract
General Analytics Corporation (GAC) today was awarded two contracts that will provide telecommunications equipment and services for Internal Revenue Service and other Department of Treasury offices in Alaska and Hawaii for up to 10 years.
IR-91-125 Dec. 11, 1991
TRW Awarded IRS Contract for Tax Systems Modernization
TRW, Inc was awarded a contract today to provide integration support services for the Internal Revenue Service's tax systems modernization (TSM) program Under the terms of the integration support contract, IRS said that TRW will help implement multiple advanced technology-based systems.
IR-91-123 Dec. 5, 1991
New IRS Deputy Commissioner & CFO Named
Michael P Dolan has been named deputy commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, the highest ranking career post in the agency The IRS also announced that John D Johnson, now the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), will move to Atlanta to replace Dolan. The new CFO will be Phil Brand, currently the assistant commissioner for taxpayer services.
IR-91-122 Dec. 5, 1991
Inflation Adjustments Raise 1992 Tax Benefits
Taxpayers looking ahead and planning for their 1992 taxes will find larger standard deductions, personal exemptions and earned income credits, plus wider tax brackets that begin at higher income levels. Under federal tax law, these amounts are indexed each year so that inflation does not erode these benefits or push taxpayers into higher tax brackets.
IR-91-120 Dec. 4, 1991
Six Organizations Win IRS Quality Awards
Representatives of six organizations that supply taxpayer and the IRS with large numbers of income and tax data on information documents today received the first IRS. Quality Supplier Awards The awards were presented for transmitting, via magnetic media, information documents with no formatting or validity errors.
IR-91-119 Nov. 27, 1991
1988 Profits of Foreign-Controlled U.S. Corporations Reach New High
Profits of foreign-controlled US corporations reached $112 billion of r1988, twice the $56 billion reported for 1987. This is just one of the facts reported in the fall 1991 issue of the Internal Revenue Service quarterly publication, the "Statistics of Income Bulletin," available now.
IR-91-118 Nov. 25, 1991
IRS Targets Cash Reporting Rules
A year long effort by the Internal Revenue Service to increase the number of large cash transaction reports filed by businesses appears to be paying off. According to the IRS the number of cash reports filed has increased substantially -- from about 29,000 in fiscal year 1990 to almost 60,000 in fiscal year 1991.
IR-91-116 Nov. 15, 1991
Research Confirms Electronic Filing is a Popular Alternative
Recent research confirms that electronic tax return filing has become a popular option for more than seven million US taxpayers. This research also confirms that about 75 percent of the persons filing electronically are under the age of 45 and 62 percent have income under $30,000.
IR-91-115 Nov. 15, 1991
New IRS Data Show Rose in 1988 Adjusted Gross Income
Individual income tax return statistics for tax year 1988 show adjusted gross income up 111 percent. This is according to the newly released Internal Revenue Service statistics of income report, "Individual Income Tax Returns 1988," the first complete study of its kind, available now Most provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 went into effect that year.
IR-91-105 Oct. 23, 1991
IRS Selects Members to Serve on New Advisory Committee
The Internal Revenue Service has formed an Information Reporting. Program Advisory Committee to provide open discussion on information reporting between the IRS and the payer community.
IR-91-102 Sept. 30, 1991
IRS Filing Alternatives Make Taxes Less Taxing
File by phone with TeleFile, Print out a 1040PC answer sheet with your home computer and mail it. Have an electronic filer zap your return to the Internal Revenue Service. Or just send in your W-2s with a Form 1040EZ and let the IRS do all the work.
IR-91-101 Sept. 27, 1991
New Statistical Data on Tax-Exempt Organizations Available
A new publication, the "Compendium of Studies of Tax-Exempt Organizations, 1974-87" contains all the articles written on tax-exempt organizations by the Statistics of Income Division of the Internal Revenue Service.
IR-91-100 Sept. 23, 1991
Payees Must Respond to Backup Withholding Notices
Four million taxpayers may soon be asked for correct identification numbers by banks or companies that made interest, dividend or other payments to them during 1990. Failure to provide the numbers can result in a 20 percent backup withholding of federal income tax on future payments.
IR-91-98 Sept. 3, 1991
IRS Announces the Quarterly Interest Rates
The Internal Revenue Service today announced that interest rates for the calendar quarter beginning October 1, 1991, will remain at nine percent for overpayments, ten percent for underpayments, and twelve percent for large corporate underpayments.
IR-91-97 Aug. 30, 1991
IRS Publishes New Statistics on 1987 Individual Income Tax
The average individual income tax liability for 1987 was $4,257, a decrease of $117 from the $4,374 for 1986, according to the summer 1991 issue of the Internal Revenue Service quarterly publication, the "Statistics of Income Bulletin".
IR-91-93 Aug. 27, 1991
Institute on Current Issues in International Taxation Scheduled
The Fourth Annual Institute on Current Issues in International Taxation will be held December 12 and 13 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington.
IR-91-88 Aug. 20, 1991
IRS Advisory Group to Meet
The Internal Revenue Service Commissioner's Advisory Group will meet at the National Office; 1111 Constitution Avenue, NW; Washington, DC; on Thursday and Friday, August 29 and 30 The meetings in Room 3313 will begin at 8:30 am on August 29 and at 10:30 am on August 30, concluding about mid-day on the 30th.
IR-91-86 Aug. 16, 1991
Taxpayers to File Form 4868 Again Next Year
The Internal Revenue Service said today that it is reconsidering its plans for an automated extension process. As a result, APEX -- the Automated Processing of Extensions -- will not begin in 1992 as previously announced.
IR-91-83 July 29, 1991
Taxpayers Can Get Part of Their 1991 Tax Refund Now
As many as 14 million families may qualify for the earned income tax credit this year. The good news is that they don't have to wait until next year to get it.
IR-91-79 July 11, 1991
Newly Released Statistics Show Rise in 1989 Adjusted Gross Income
Individual income tax return statistics for 1989 show adjusted gross income to be nearly $33 trillion, according to the Spring 1991 issue of the Internal Revenue Service quarterly production, "Statistics of Income Bulletin," available now.
IR-91-62 May 23, 1991
IRS Clamps Down on Cash Reporting Abuses
The IRS is proposing new rules to close a door that lets money launderers and tax cheaters avoid being detected by cash transaction reports filed by businesses when the money is spent for expensive cars, antiques, furs, jewelry or other luxury items.
IR-91-54 April 16, 1991
Commissioner's Advisory Group to Meet
The IRS Commissioner's Advisory Group will meet on April 24 and 25 at the IRS National Office in Washington. The group will review the IRS' experience in the 1991 tax filing season and will discuss Compliance 2000 -- a developing IRS initiative to change the way the agency plans its enforcement and education strategies. Also on the agenda is a report on standardizing forms used for filing information returns, a proposal for a national multi-agency wage reporting system and a current test the IRS is doing of a taxpayer self-audit proposal.
IR-91-52 April 11, 1991
Can't Pay - File Anyway
File your tax return, and pay what you can now. That's the advice the Internal Revenue Service provided today for taxpayers whom mistakenly believe they cannot file their individual tax returns on time this year because they are unable to pay the amount owed in full with the return.
IR-91-51 April 10, 1991
Errors to Avoid as Tax Deadline Looms
If you haven't filed your 1990 federal income tax return yet, you have only a few days left before April 15. And you're not alone Today the IRS offered some advice on how to avoid some common mistakes often made in a last-minute rush to file.
IR-91-50 April 5, 1991
Reduced Withholding on Certain Spanish Investments
Certification forms are now available from the Internal Revenue Service for US residents who receive interest, dividends and royalties from payers in Spain and wish to claim a reduced rate of withholding.
IR-91-49 April 3, 1991
Tax Season on Target
With the tax filing season in its final two weeks, the Internal Revenue Service has received over half the 113 million returns it expects this year.
IR-91-48 March 27, 1991
IRS to Reorganize Chief Counsel's Office
The Internal Revenue Service's Office of Chief Counsel will reorganize over the next several months to provide better coordination with counsel's National office staff and between that staff and field offices.
IR-91-47 March 27, 1991
Extensions Available for Those Who Can't Make the Deadline
With fewer than three weeks left in the 1991 tax season, some taxpayers may be thinking about getting more time to file their federal income tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service expects about five million taxpayers to request an automatic extension of time to file this year.
IR-91-46 March 26, 1991
Desert Storm Taxpayers Have Extra Time to File
Members of the Armed Forces and support personnel who served in Operation Desert Storm have at least 180 days -- and in most cases up to 285 days -- from the date they leave the combat zone to file their 1990 federal income tax returns.
IR-91-45 March 22, 1991
Some Veterans May Claim '87 Tax Refunds If They Act Fast
Some veterans who reported interest on dividends from certain government-issued life insurance policies may now want to claim a refund or 1987 taxes. For most veterans the deadline for amending 1987 returns and claiming a refund is April 1991.
IR-91-44 March 20, 1991
Electronic Filing Exceeds Projections
The Internal Revenue Service already has received 63 million electronic returns this year, 100,000 more than its projection for all of 1991 Texans lead in electronic filing, with over half a million returns Other high-volume states -- each with over 300,000 returns -- are, in descending order, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, California, Georgia and New York.
IR-91-40 March 15, 1991
IRS Tax Statistics Available
The most recent US income and tax statistics are now available in the Fall 1990 issue of the Internal Revenue Service quarterly publication "Statistics of Income Bulletin".
IR-91-38 March 6, 1991
Do It Yourself, Then Zap It to the IRS
More persons who save money by doing their own tax returns are getting quick refunds by having an electronic return transmitter send the data to the Internal Revenue Service.
IR-91-37 March 5, 1991
IRS Announces Quarterly Interest Rates
The Internal Revenue service today announced that interest rates for the calendar quarter beginning April 1, 1991, will be nine percent for overpayments, ten percent for underpayments, and twelve percent for large corporate underpayments.
IR-91-36 Feb. 27, 1991
Common Taxpayer Errors are Declining
Halfway through the filing season, the Internal Revenue Service today said that some progress is being made in reducing common taxpayer errors on returns and offered some tips to those taxpayers who have not yet filed.
IR-91-34 Feb. 21, 1991
More Taxpayers are Using the Revised Form 1040A
Changes made to allow persons with pension income to file the shorter Form 1040A appear to be working, and the growth in electronic filing continues.
IR-91-33 Feb. 21, 1991
IRS Announces Penalty Rules for Delinquent or Incorrect Information Returns
The IRS has issued temporary regulations relating to the imposition of penalties for failure to comply with information reporting requirement. These regulations reflect changes to the law made by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 and appear in today's Federal Register.
IR-91-32 Feb. 21, 1991
Deputy Commissioner Wins National Public Service Award
Michael J Murphy, Deputy Commissioner of the IRS, has won a 1991 National Public Service Award.
IR-91-30 Feb. 20, 1991
Organizations Set Up to Help People Who Serve in Operations Desert Storm
Organizations set up to help people who serve in Operation Desert Storm that apply for federal tax exemption should write "Operation Desert Storm" at the top of their applications IRS said this will ensure that the applications are reviewed and processed quickly.
IR-91-26 Feb. 13, 1991
Act Now for Tax Help or Early Refunds
For taxpayers expecting refunds or needing help with their federal income tax returns, now is the best time for action Early filers should get their refunds in four to six weeks and IRS staffers are getting fewer calls than last year.
IR-91-24 Feb. 6, 1991
Electronic Tax Filing Off to A Fast Start
About one-sixth of all taxpayers who filed their 1990 federal income tax returns in January opted to file electronically, doubling the rate of electronic tax filing for the same time period last year.
IR-91-20 Jan. 31, 1991
Special Tax Help for Taxpayers in Desert Storm
Although military personnel and others serving in the Operation Desert Storm combat zone have an automatic extension of time to file their tax returns, the IRS today gave special guidance to those who are due tax refunds and want to file early.
IR-91-15 Jan. 22, 1991
1986 Reform Act Reversed Trend of Tax Losses
The most recent U S income and tax statistics are now available in the current issue of the IRS quarterly publication "Statistics of Income Bulletin".
IR-91-14 Jan. 22, 1991
TV Tax Clinic Scheduled for Feb. 3 on PBS
The IRS invites you to test you financial skills by participating in a TV tax quiz.
HR-91-13 July 12, 1991
Hearing on Reforms to Establish Taxpayer Safeguards
The Honorable JJ Pickle announced today that the Subcommittee on oversight will conduct hearings to review reforms to establish taxpayer safeguards in dealing with the IRS and to protect the rights of taxpayers under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).
IR-91-12 Jan. 17, 1991
IRS Announces 1991 Pension Plan Limitations
The IRS today announced cost-of-living adjustments applicable to dollar limitations on benefits under qualified defined benefit pension plans and to other provisions affecting such plans.
IR-91-11 Jan. 15, 1991
IRS Offers Easier Filing Option
The IRS is giving some taxpayers an option of filing an even shorter form -- 1040EZ-1 -- as part of it's ongoing effort to find new ways to reduce taxpayer's filing burden.
IR-91-02 Jan. 2, 1991
Advisory Group Gets New Members
The IRS announced the appointment of the 1991 Commissioner's Advisory Group to serve under Commissioner Fred T Goldberg Jr.


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