IRS News Release  
March 06, 1991

Do It Yourself, Then Zap It to the IRS

More persons who save money by doing their own tax returns are getting quick refunds by having an electronic return transmitter send the data to the Internal Revenue Service. Over 40 percent of the nearly 5.5 million electronic returns filed so far this year were prepared by the taxpayers themselves, nearly double the percentage just two years ago.

Many tax preparers who are part of the electronic filing system accept returns completed by the taxpayer for transmission to the IRS, and some companies offer transmission services only. Persons filing electronically can have their refund deposited directly to their bank account and will get it in about three weeks, while refunds on paper returns take six to eight weeks.

Nearly 38.9 million returns had been filed as of March 1, and 14.9 million refunds paid, about the same figures as last year at this time. At $934, the average refund is up 8 percent.

The IRS again reminded persons who served in the Persian Gulf and their representatives to put "Desert Storm" on returns filed, or tax bills or examination notices received. This alerts IRS to taxpayers entitled to tax relief, including extra time to file, suspension of IRS collection and examination actions and of interest charges on back taxes.

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