IRS News Release  
December 11, 1991

TRW Awarded IRS Contract
for Tax Systems Modernization

WASHINGTON - TRW, Inc. was awarded a contract today to provide integration support services for the Internal Revenue Services' tax systems modernization (TSM) program.

Under the terms of the integration support contract, IRS said that TRW will help implement multiple advanced technology-based systems. The contract could be in effect for up to twelve years through annual renewals and has an estimated value of $300 million.

IRS said that acquiring the services of a contractor experienced in integrating large-scale automated systems within computer-based organizations is part of its strategy to make certain TSM delivers the intended benefits and efficiencies.

Tax systems modernization is made up of many data processing systems scheduled for implementation over the next ten years. Part of TRW's responsibility under the contract will be to review and refine the steps IRS must take to ensure continuity of tax processing as the old systems are replaced by the new.

TRW also will ensure that systems provide all necessary data security protection, that the work of TSM contractors is performed in a coordinated manner and that the impact of the new system on IRS' workforce and the public is appropriately considered.

IRS said the advanced technologies of TSM include electronic tax filing, converting data received on paper to electronic format through imaging, organizing tax information into integrated data bases and making tax information readily available through computer terminals to authorized personnel. Moving from fragmented paper based systems to an integrated electronic processing systems will allow the IRS to operate more efficiently and be more responsive to taxpayers.

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