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March 27, 1991

IRS to Reorganize Chief Counsel's Office

The Internal Revenue Service's Office of Chief Counsel will reorganize over the next several months to provide better coordination within Counsel's National Office staff and between that staff and field offices.

While the reorganization will not affect contacts between IRS attorneys and taxpayers or their representatives, it involves three principal moves. The Tax Litigation Division will be renamed the Field Service Division and will come under the Associate Chief Counsel, Domestic -- formerly technical, Employee Benefits and Exempt Organizations,f formerly within Technical, will be elevated to Associate Chief Counsel status, parallel to the separate organizational emphasis given by the Treasury Department and the IRS Commissioner's Office. A special Counsel, Large Case, position will be created on the Deputy Chief Counsel's staff.

As a result of the reorganization, the Associate Chief Counsel, Domestic, will oversee all national Office attorneys who deal with domestic tax matters, whether a regulation project, an examination or a litigated case. The office expects greater efficiency and consistency from the more frequent interaction of attorneys with field experience and those with technical expertise. The Field Service Division will assist field offices in both docketed and non-docketed cases and will coordinate with the other divisions within the Domestic office.

With Tax Litigation removed, the Office of the Associate Chief Counsel, Enforcement Litigation -- formerly Litigation -- will focus better on its growing workload in disclosure litigation, criminal tax matters and general litigation -- collection and bankruptcy.

The Special Counsel, Large Case, will coordinate activities on these complex cases with counterparts in Examination and Appeals and with the recently created field position of Assistant Regional Counsel, Large Case.

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