IRS News Release  
October 23, 1991

IRS Selects Members to Serve
on New Advisory Committee

The Internal Revenue Service has formed an Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee to provide open discussion on information reporting between the IRS and the payer community.

Information reporting is a major component of the IRS tax administration program. Each year the IRS processes over 800 million Form 1099 information documents to report income such as interest and dividends, and processes over 200 million W-2 wage and tax statement forms. The information the IRS receives from these documents matches to over 113 million individual tax returns filed each year.

The sixteen-member group of academicians, accountants, attorneys, business executives and educators will offer the IRS constructive observations on proposed policies, programs and procedures.

The committee holds two-day meetings twice each year. The first meeting is Dec. 4 and 5.

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