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April 10, 1991

Errors to Avoid as Tax Deadline Looms

If you haven't filed your 1990 federal income tax return yet, you have only a few days left before April 15. And you're not alone.

The Internal revenue Service said it expects about 37 million returns to be filed during the final week and a half of the filing season, with 27 million arriving at IRS reprocessing centers during the week of April 15. The IRS expects about 113 million returns overall this year.

Today the IRS offered some advice on how to avoid some common mistakes often made in a last-minute rush to file.

  • Be sure the tax return is complete. Attach all W-2 forms to the front of the return and include all supplemental forms and schedules needed to report income or claim deductions.
  • Don't overlook tax benefits. For example, many eligible people fail to claim the earned income credit, which is available for some people who have a child and have income under $20,264. Even though taxpayers may not be required to file a return, they should check to see if they are entitled to the earned income credit. If so, they should file a return in order to claim it.
  • Use the correct standard deduction for your situation. Persons who are over age 65 or blind have a larger deduction.
  • Read the tax table carefully to get the correct tax for your filing status and taxable income.
  • Check all math, especially the subtraction to figure the refund or balance due. To make calculations easier, round off cents to the nearest whole dollar: for example, $1.49 is rounded down to $1; $1.50 is rounded up to $2.
  • If sending a payment, put your social security number, daytime phone number and "1990 Form 1040" (or 1040A or 140EZ) on th4e check or money order.
  • Sign and date the return. When filing jointly, both spouses must sign, even if only one had income.

As of April 5, the IRS had received over 66 million returns, nearly 7 million of them electronically. Over 45 million refunds, worth more than $41 billion, have gone out -- an average of $902.

The IRS toll-free information number -- 1-800-829-1040 -- will be available on Saturday, April 13. Hours will vary, but all sites will be open from at least 10 AM to 1 PM. Many will also stay open into the early evening on Monday, April 15.

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