IRS News Release  
March 20, 1991

Electronic Filing Exceeds Projections

The Internal Revenue Service already has received 6.3 million electronic returns this year, 100,000 more than its projection for all of 1991. Texans lead in electronic filing, with over half a million returns. Other high-volume states -- each with over 300,000 returns -- are, in descending order, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, California, Georgia and New York.

Refunds are quicker when filing electronically and may be deposited directly to the taxpayer's bank account. They are usually received within three weeks, rather than the size to eight weeks paper returns may take. Electronic returns have had an error rate of less than three percent this year, compared to 13 percent for paper returns.

Armed Forces personnel returning from the Persian Gulf and representatives of taxpayers still in the combat zone can get free electronic filing at local IRS offices with that capability.

Over 50.7 million returns has been filed as of March 15 -- 1.5 percent more than at this time last year. Over 28.4 million refunds -- worth $25.6 billion -- have been processed. At $902, the average refund is up 6.3 percent.

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