IRS News Release  
February 20, 1991

Organizations Set Up to
Help People Who Serve in
Operations Desert Storm

Organizations set up to help people who serve in Operation Desert Storm that apply for federal tax exemption should write "Operation Desert Storm" at the top of their applications. IRS said this will help ensure that the applications are reviewed and processed quickly.

IRS said that it is giving special attention to these types of applications in response to increased public interest in helping those persons who are assigned duty in Operation Desert Storm and their families.

In addition to the marking "Operation Desert Storm" on applications, IRS said organizations should follow carefully the checklist contained in the exempt status application form to make certain that an accurate and complete application is filed.

Detailed information on the requirements for tax exempt status is contained in IRS publication 557, "Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization." Form 1023 or 1024 is used to apply for tax exemption.

The expedited application processing does not modify or relax the requirement that tax exempt organizations operate exclusively for charitable purposes.

IRS also advises donors to exercise care before contributing to any organization. With increased public interest in setting up qualified charitable organizations to help people, there can be attempts to run schemes involving false claims about how the contributions will be used and that contributions are tax deductible.

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