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April 16, 1991

Commissioner's Advisory Group to Meet

The IRS Commissioner's Advisory Group will meet on April 24 and 25 at the IRS National Office in Washington.

On the first day the group will review the IRS' experience in the 1991 tax filing season and will discuss Compliance 2000 -- a developing IRS initiative to change the way the agency plans its enforcement and education strategies. Also on the agenda is a report on standardizing forms used for filing information returns, a proposal for a national multi-agency wage reporting system and a current test the IRS is doing of a taxpayer self-audit proposal.

Additional discussion topics include:

  • recently published regulations on penalties for tax return preparers;
  • legal and ethical standards for tax professionals who prepare corporate returns as in-house preparers;
  • status of plans for electronic payment of taxes and electronic funds transfer proposals;
  • an update on the IRS' coordinated examination program which covers the audits of returns of the largest corporations; and,
  • a status report on IRS efforts to improve the quality of correspondence with taxpayers.

The April session marks the first meeting of the Advisory Group since new members were named earlier this year. The 24-member Advisory Group meets several times each year to offer an outside perspective on a broad range of tax administration and management issues. Members of the group represent varied interests and experience and advise on issues other than taxes, such as quality and the quality improvement process.

The IRS recently named to the Advisory Group representatives with substantial management experience outside the tax arena from Motorola, Milliken & Co. and Qualtec, Inc., a subsidiary of Florida Power & Light. These private-sector companies have been recognized for their excellence and leadership in providing high quality products and services to their customers. Motorola and Milliken recently won the Malcolm Baldridge Award for Quality; Florida Power and Light, the prestigious Deming Award.

The Advisory Group meeting will be held in Room 3313 of the IRS Building at 1111 Constitution Avenue, NW. The meeting will begin at 8:30 am on April 24 and at 10:30 am on April 25. Space is very limited and anyone wishing to attend should call Raiford Gaffney before April 19. Ms. Gaffney can be reached at (202) 566-3161 (not a toll-free number).

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