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1993 IRS News Releases

News Releases are issued by the IRS whenever there is information of importance that needs to be released to the public or practitioner community. All 1993 releases are included here except those pertaining to IRS personnel changes

The numbering system identifies the year and the number of the News Release. Fact Sheets are identified with filenames beginning "FS-93'" followed by the number of the fact sheet.

IR-93-125 Dec. 29, 1993
Certain Commuting Benefits Provided by Employers are Tax Free
The amount of employer provided parking, van pool services or mass transit passes that is tax free to employees is changed starting with 1993 returns.
IR-93-124 Dec. 28, 1993
Tax Filing Season Starts Monday
On Monday, Jan. 3, more than 86 million income tax packages will begin to show up in the mail. Twenty-two million Americans who use professional tax preparers received IRS postcards earlier this month. The postcards give these taxpayers the option of requesting a tax package from IRS or using tax forms supplied by their preparer.
IR-93-123 Dec. 22, 1993
Employee Plan Software Now Available
Computer software to generate certain forms for employee plan applications has been revised and is now available from the Internal Revenue Service.
IR-93-121 Dec. 21, 1993
New Tax Law Changes Affect Charities
Charities have a new substantiation requirement for certain contributions they receive on or after Jan. 1, 1994, due to the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993.
IR-93-119 Dec. 16, 1993
Income & Tax Decline for Tax Year 1992
United States taxpayers filed 106.3 million 1992 individual income tax returns by the end of April 1993, with another 8.5 million returns expected by year's end.
IR-93-118 Dec. 14, 1993
Inflation Adjustments Generally Raise 1994 Tax Benefits
Taxpayers looking ahead and planning for their 1994 taxes will find larger personal exemptions and standard deductions, plus wider tax brackets that begin at higher income levels.
IR-93-117 Dec. 14, 1993
IRS Announces Quarterly Interest Rates
The Internal Revenue Service today announced that interest rates for the calendar quarter beginning Jan. 1, 1994, will remain at six percent for overpayments, seven percent for underpayments, and nine percent for large corporate underpayments.
IR-93-116 Dec. 10, 1993
IRS Substitutes Postcards for Tax Packages
The Internal Revenue Service today said that it is in the process of mailing a Tax Package Postcard--Form 8160--to almost 22 million taxpayers that used a professional return preparer last year.
IR-93-115 Dec. 8, 1993
Changes to Diesel Tax Rules Impacts Farmers
Farmers need to be aware of recent tax law changes to take advantage of the exemption from excise tax on diesel fuel used for farming according to the Internal Revenue Service.
IR-93-114 Dec. 7, 1993
Illegal Tax Protestors Subject to IRS Enforcement Action
The indictment of Phillip Marsh, founder of the tax protest group known as the Pilot Connection, should serve as a warning to taxpayes to stay away from illegal tax protest schemes.
IR-93-113 Dec. 7, 1993
IRS Seeks Greater Compliance with Form 8300 Requirements
Concerned about the lack of compliance with Form 8300, Report of Cash Transactions Received in a Trade of Business, reporting requirements by attorneys, the Internal Revenue Service announced today that it will begin assessing the intentional disregard penalty against certain attorneys.
IR-93-112 Dec. 1, 1993
Employers Receive Tax Information in New Format, the "Reporter"
Nearly 7 million employers will see simpler forms when they file their quarterly employment tax forms beginning in 1994. The 1993 winter edition of the "Reporter" has this story and more and will go out to nearly 7 million employers in early December.
IR-93-109 Nov. 17, 1993
Organizations Win IRS Quality Awards
Fifteen organizations received the IRS Quality Supplier Award, for the year 1993, for supplying the Internal Revenue Service with large number of error-free information documents.
IR-93-108 Nov. 16, 1993
New Law Puts Excise Tax on Fuel Floor Stocks
Recent legislation has imposed a floor stocks excise tax on certain transportation fuels, due to the Internal Revenue Service by Nov. 30.
IR-93-105 Nov. 15, 1993
Taxpayers Overlook Key Details of Tax Law Changes
Calls to the Internal Revenue Service show that many taxpayers have questions about some key details of recent tax law changes.
IR-93-104 Nov. 9, 1993
Thousands of Refunds Waiting to be Claimed
The Internal Revenue Service is looking for over 96,000 taxpayers who have not yet gotten their 1992 refund checks. These undelivered refunds total over $50 million dollars, an average of $518 per check.
IR-93-103 Nov. 5, 1993
IRS Releases SOI Bulletin for Summer 1993
The Summer 1993 issue of the quarterly Statistics of Income Bulletin, available now, reports that corporate pre-tax profits for tax year 1990 decreased for the second consecutive year.
IR-93-102 Nov. 1, 1993
IRS Simplifies Payroll Reporting Rules
The Internal Revenue issued new proposed regulations today simplifying payroll reporting and deposit rules for six million employers. The regulations require employers to report and make deposits of payroll items separately from deposits of non-payroll items starting Jan. 1, 1994.
IR-93-100 Oct. 25, 1993
IRS Issues Mark-To-Market Guidance
Responding to numerous requests from brokers, banks, insurance companies and others, the IRS today issued a revenue ruling that began the process of providing substantive guidance under the new mark-to-market rules of the Internal Revenue Code.
IR-93-98 Oct. 20, 1993
New Tax Law Affects Lobbying Expenses
The IRS has issued guidance today concerning dues received by certain tax-exempt organizations that make lobbying and political expenditures. Generally, either a tax May be imposed on these organizations, or members May no longer deduct part of the dues paid.
IR-93-97 Oct. 18, 1993
New Regulations Resolve Hedging Issues
The IRS today issued regulations on the character of gains and losses from hedging transactions and proposed regulations governing when those gains and losses are reported.
IR-93-96 Oct. 8, 1993
1993 Tax Payments Required for New Installment Option
The Internal Revenue Service explained today how much individuals must pay to qualify for interest-free installments of part of their 1993 taxes.
IR-93-90 Sept. 24, 1993
IRS Releases 1990 Income Tax Data
United States taxpayers filed 1.6 million more federal tax returns for tax year 1990 than they did for 1989.
IR-93-85 Sept. 16, 1993
New Tax Bill Gives Refunds to Employees/Employers
Recent tax law changes affect the tax treatment of educational assistance provided under employer-provided educational assistance plans.
IR-93-82 Sept. 8, 1993
Telephone Filing in 7 States
Expanded TeleFile to Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, South Carolina, and West Virginia.
IR-93-81 Sept. 8, 1993
IRS Announces Sixth Annual International Tax Institute
Will be held December 16-17 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington D.C. For more information call (202) 994-7238.
IR-93-78 Sept. 2, 1993
Institutions have until October, 31, 1993, to identify certain investment assets under the mark-to-market provisions.
IR-93-70 Aug. 31, 1993
New Tax Bill Gives Immediate Refunds to Some Taxpayers
A new law reinstates for all of last year some tax benefits which had expired on June 30, 1992.
IR-93-67 Aug. 25, 1993
Luxury Tax Repealed for Auto Equipment for Disabled Persons
The new tax law has completely repealed the luxury tax on equipment installed to help disabled persons enter, exit or operate a vehicle.
IR-93-66 Aug. 24, 1993
Retailers to Get Refunds from Luxury Tax Repeal
The tax law's retroactive repeal of luxury taxes on boats, planes, furs and jewelry has put retailers of these items in line for refunds of taxes on sales occurring in 1993.
IR-93-63 Aug. 5, 1993
August 16 Federal Tax Deadline
August 16 is the due date for taxpayers who opted for automatic extensions of time to file.
IR-93-62 July 27, 1993
IRS Helps Charities Aid Flood Victims
The IRS is assisting in Midwest flood relief efforts and is making it easier for charities to aid victims.
IR-93-59 July 12, 1993
IRS Sponsors Nationwide Tax Forums
Business owners who attend the IRS 1993 Nationwide Tax Forum Conferences and Exhibitions will learn how to save time and money.
IR-93-53 June 16, 1993
Electronic Tax Preparers to Get Federal Debt Info
Tax return preparers who offer electronic tax filing will continue to be notified by the IRS if a customer owes a federal debt.
IR-93-50 June 10, 1993
IRS Commissioner's Advisory Group to Meet
The Group will hold a meeting at the National Office; 1111 Constitution Ave., N.W.; Washington D.C.; on Wednesday and Thursday, June 23 and 24, 1993. Meetings will begin at 8:00 a.m. in Room 3313.
IR-93-47 June 3, 1993
IRS Publishes 1991 Tax Statistics
The Spring 1993 issue of the quarterly "Statistics of Income Bulletin" reports preliminary 1991 data showing that individual adjusted gross income, nearly $3.5 trillion, increased only 1.2 percent over 1990, as reported on the 114.9 million individual income tax returns filed.
IR-93-46 June 2, 1993
IRS Announces Quarterly Interest Rates
The IRS announced that interest rates for the calendar quarter beginning July 1, 1993, will remain at six percent for overpayments, seven percent for underpayments, and nine percent for large corporate underpayments.
IR-93-45 May 17, 1993
Collection Changes Keep Late Payers in Tax System
People having trouble paying taxes are working with the IRS because of its recent collection policy changes. Installment agreements and accepted offers-in-compromise has increased more than 30 percent since early last year, and the IRS has made it easier to do this since 1992.
IR-93-44 May 14, 1993
IRS Advisory Group Meeting
The Internal Revenue Service Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee will meet at the IRS National Office, 1111 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Room 3313, Washington, D.C. on Wednesday and Thursday, May 19 & 20. The meetings will begin at 9:30 a.m. on both days, ending about mid-day on the 20th.
IR-93-42 April 28, 1993
Last-Minute Returns Close the Filing Gap
A flood of last-minute filings has almost completely closed the gap in the tax returns between last year and this.
IR-93-41 April 21, 1993
Employees Can Easily Change Tax Withholding
Last week, over 20 million Americans sent in their tax forms. Many had put off filing until the last minute because they owed money. If you were one of those taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service suggests you act now to avoid repeating the problem next year. Use Form W-4 to ask your employer to withhold a little more from each paycheck.
IR-93-40 April 14, 1993
Deadline at Hand, IRS Offers Last-Minute Advice
As the filling season winds down, the Internal Revenue Service has some advice for the 45 million taxpayers it's waiting to hear from -- don't panic, just send your tax return or extension request on time.
IR-93-39 April 13, 1993
Some Nonfilers Paying Ultimate Price
Time has run out for dozens of individuals across the country who failed to file Federal income tax returns. Now they face criminal charges and possible jail time.
IR-93-37 April 19, 1993
IRS Offers Filing Extensions to Those Who Can't Pay
April 15 is just around the corner and you realize that you'll never be ready to file by then. What's worse -- you know you owe money and don't have it. This year, the Internal Revenue Service has a new solution for you.
IR-93-36 April 4, 1993
Donald K. Vogel is the New IRS Assistant Commissioner for Criminal Investigation
He is responsible for directing the enforcement of criminal provisions of the tax laws and related financial crimes to encourage voluntary compliance with the Internal Revenue laws. He directs nationwide programs for investigating suspected tax violations and recommending prosecution.
IR-93-35 March 31, 1993
What Taxpayers Want to Know
Heading into home stretch for the 1993 tax filing season, the Internal Revenue Service expects to get about six million calls for help between now and the April 15 deadline.
IR-93-34 March 24, 1993
IRS Forecasts April Blizzard of Tax Returns
Another blizzard of '93 May be in the making. A record low number of early returns combined with the quickly approaching April 15 deadline May produce a blizzard of last-minute filings -- perhaps as many as 40 million in a two-week period. The IRS has some simple advice for taxpayers who haven't filed -- don't wait.
IR-93-33 March 19, 1993
IRS Announces the Quarterly Interest Rates
The Internal Revenue Service today announced that interest rates for the calendar quarter beginning April 1, 1993, will remain at six percent for overpayments, seven percent for underpayments, and nine percent for large corporate underpayments.
IR-93-31 March 17, 1993
Four Weeks to Go & Tax Filings Remain Sluggish
The Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers who May owe taxes that they can file now and request an installment plan, or file now and send the payment by April 15. deadline.
IR-93-30 March 15, 1993
IRS Gives Tax Relief to Blizzard Victims
Internal Revenue Service today granted relief to corporate taxpayers who are unable to meet their Mar. 15 filing deadline because of last weekend's snow storm.
IR-93-29 March 10, 1993
More Taxpayers Get Help with A Single Call
More taxpayers are finding that one call does it all when phoning the Internal Revenue Service with questions about their tax accounts. From October throughout the end of Feb., over 3.3 million taxpayers resolved their account questions while on the line to the IRS.
IR-93-28 March 9, 1993
IRS Announces R&D Center & New Architect Office for TSM
The Internal Revenue Service today announced that it is taking two steps to ensure that the best available technical expertise is applied to its tax systems modernization (TSM) program.
IR-93-26 March 4, 1993
File Returns Now -- Beat the Late Season Rush
Mid-way through the 1993 tax season, the Internal Revenue Service reports slower than usual tempo of tax filings. At the end of Feb., IRS centers had received 37.4 million returns, over three million (eight percent) fewer than at this time last year.
IR-93-25 March 3, 1993
IRS Announces Streamlined Monthly Payment Plans
You've finished your tax return and the bottom line is you owe money -- more than you can afford to pay right away. You should consider asking the Internal Revenue Service for an installment payment agreement.
IR-93-23 Feb. 24, 1993
IRS Releases Data on Foreign-Controlled Corporations
In 1989, 44,840 United States corporations were "controlled" by foreign entities. The Winter 1992-93 issue of Statistics of Income Bulletin, available now, reports that these foreign-controlled domestic corporations (FCDCs) generated $1 trillion in receipts. Their net income (less deficit) was $8.3 billion, down from $11.2 billion in 1988.
IR-93-20 Feb. 18, 1993
Grumman Wins IRS Tax Systems Modernization Contract
The IRS tax systems modernization took an important step forward today with the award of a contract for character recognition and imaging systems to Grumman Data Systems. The systems provided by Grumman will be used to electronically process tax information from single sided paper tax forms.
IR-93-19 Feb. 18, 1993
IRS Debunks Tax Myths
There's just one problem with some of the "tax wisdom" you May hear each filing season -- it's dead wrong, according to the Internal Revenue Service.
IR-93-17 Feb. 10, 1993
Tax Filing Alternatives Grow in Popularity
Alternatives to traditional paper returns -- electronic filing, the 1040PC format and TeleFile -- have been rather popular in early weeks of this tax filing season, totaling over one-third of the returns received at IRS centers.
IR-93-12 Feb. 8, 1993
IRS Issues Guidance on Home Office Deduction
The Internal Revenue Service is updating its guidance for taxpayers considering home office deductions for 1992 in light of the Supreme Court's recent decision in Commissioner v. Soliman. The guidance, including examples, will accompany IRS' publication "Business Use of Your Home" (Publication 587).
IR-93-10 Feb. 4, 1993
Good Start for Electronic Tax Filing Season
Taxpayers are setting a brisk pace for filing their tax forms electronically this year. Even before the deadline for employers to give out W-2 forms, almost 2.1 million electronic (ELF) tax returns were in -- six percent (113,000) ahead of the filing at the end of Jan. 1992.
IR-93-06 Feb. 1, 1993
IRS Airs ''Taxbreak '93'' on PBS Television Stations
What to watch on Sunday afternoon television now that football season is over? The Internal Revenue Service hopes you'll watch "Taxbreak '93: Testing Your Tax I.Q." on most PBS stations Sunday, Feb. 7, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. ET.
FS-93-06 Dec. 1, 1993
Alternative Ways of Doing Business
From high tech electronic tax filing to automated refund information--from multi-lingual telephone help to Walk-in assistance--the 1994 federal income tax filing season promises a variety of services to make the process easier.
FS-93-05 Dec. 1, 1993
Tax Time 1994
The Internal Revenue Service will send over 108 million income tax packages this year. Most taxpayers will get their forms in early Jan..
FS-93-04 Dec. 1, 1993
IRS Consolidates Customer Service & Tax Processing
The Internal Revenue Service will consolidate customer service and returns processing operations as part of its plan to reinvent the way it does business. The reinvention, scheduled to be completed by the year 2001, will enable the IRS to deliver better service to taxpayers and improve the voluntary compliance rate.
IR-93-03 Jan. 19, 1993
IRS Proposes New Corporate Sponsorship Rules
The Internal Revenue Service said regulations it proposed today give clear guidance to tax exempt organizations such as college football bowls, museums and symphonies on the tax treatment of corporate sponsorship payments they receive.
FS-93-03 Sept. 1, 1993
Many IRS Programs are in Line with National Performance Review Recommendations
The national Performance Review (NPR) task force report, issued September 7, 1993, offers a number of recommendations to make government work more effectively for American taxpayers.
IR-93-02 Jan. 15, 1993
IRS Announces 1993 Pension Plan Limitations
The Internal Revenue Service today announced cost-of-living adjustments applicable to dollar limitations on benefits under qualified defined benefit pension plans and to other provisions affecting such plans.


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