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December 22, 1993

Employee Plan Software Now Available

WASHINGTON - Computer software to generate certain forms for employee plan applications has been revised and is now available from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS software will produce Form 5307, "Application for Determination for Adopters of Master or Prototype, Regional Prototype or Volume Submitter Plans" (revision dated May, 1993), a special version of Form 8717, "User Fee for Employee Plan Determination Letter Request: (all revisions, but only for use with Form 5307) and the special attachment required by Appendix A of Rev. Proc. 93-39.

Practitioners who use Form 5307 to request determination letters for plans that have been pre-approved by the IRS may get a free copy of the software.

Originals of computer generated applications may be used in place of IRS printed application forms. Practitioners must otherwise use page one of the IRS form because of its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities. Page of the IRS form is printed in special ink used for OCR equipment.

The IRS said that the computer software should ease the administrative burdens of practitioners who have a number of applications to submit because these forms may be corrected electronically before printing. They include certain checks to assist in accurate preparation, eliminate the alignment problems of entering data on a preprinted OCR form, and these forms need not be ordered from the IRS. Therefore, they will never be out of stock.

The software is for use with an IBM compatible computer. Practitioners may obtain a free copy of the software by sending a postage paid container suitable for mailing a floppy disk to the IRS key district office for employee plan matters in which the practitioner is located. Indicate the necessary disk sizes desired (5.25 or 3.5).

Unless they have previously done do, practitioners should send samples of the OCR Data Sheet produced by their printer to their key district office to ensure compatibility with the OCR equipment used by the key district offices.

To order software, send the postage paid hard container to:


Indiana, Kentucky,       Volume Submitter Coordinator
Michigan, Ohio,          Internal Revenue Service (EP/EO)
and West Virginia        Room 4116
                         P.O. Box 2508, Cincinnati, Ohio

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