IRS News Release  
December 10, 1993

IRS Substitutes Postcards for Tax Packages

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service today said it is in the process of mailing a Tax Package Postcard--Form 8160--to almost 22 million taxpayers that used a professional return preparer last year.

Taxpayers who receive the postcard have two options. Those who want to prepare their own returns can send the postcard back to the IRS and request that a tax package with forms and instructions be mailed to them. Or, those taxpayers who plan to use a professional tax preparer can give the postcard to the preparer. The postcard has a pre-printed label that the preparer can use on the tax return.

Attached to the postcards is a new item this year--a pre-printed, computer-scannable payment voucher. Taxpayers who owe money should use the voucher to send in the payment with their 1993 tax return. IRS computers will scan the new vouchers which will reduce the number of errors.

Last year eleven million taxpayers received post cards instead of the traditional tax package. The IRS said that since most return preparers have their own supply of forms many taxpayers do not need a tax package. Therefore, in an effort to reduce cost and increase efficiency, the IRS is expanding its postcard program. Last filing season the IRS saved $1.4 million. With the expanded mailout of the postcards, the Service hopes to double the savings.

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