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February 01, 1993

IRS Airs ''Taxbreak '93'' on PBS Television Stations

What to watch on Sunday afternoon television now that football season is over? The Internal Revenue Service hopes you'll watch "Taxbreak '93: Testing Your Tax I.Q." on most PBS stations Sunday, February 7, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. ET. The IRS produces the program in association with WQED in Pittsburgh.

Award-winning television business and economic reporter Robert Krulwich will host the show and will preside over a panel of experts. A studio audience will join Krulwich in answering taxpayers' most commonly asked tax questions, using electronic answering machines. Viewers will be invited to play along and may also call IRS toll-free telephone lines with their own tax questions during the program and for one hour afterward.

Interspersed with the questions and answers are vignettes highlighting several important subjects. Special topics for the program include issues for single, married, and elderly taxpayers, as well as information on electronic filing, earned income credit, free services for taxpayers, how to get refunds quickly, and IRS' ongoing special program for nonfilers.

"We're using every means possible to get information to taxpayers," said acting IRS Commissioner Michael Dolan. "Taxbreak '93 is just one example of our commitment to help taxpayers file correct returns and get their refunds promptly."

Editor's Note: Please check your local listings for airtime of Taxbreak '93. for more information, call the IRS Public Affairs Office in your area.

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