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July 12, 1993

IRS Sponsors Nationwide Tax Forums

WASHINGTON - Large and small business owners who attend the IRS 1993 Nationwide Tax Forum Conferences and Exhibitions will learn how to save their businesses time and money. Recent innovative advances to the federal tax system now make business and individual tax filing easier, faster and more economical and efficient.

The Internal Revenue Service is sponsoring seven conferences throughout the country beginning in July. Each two-day conference will feature nineteen separate seminars. Seminars will be repeated throughout the conferences so participants can attend all nineteen seminars.

One seminar, "Let's Talk Business," explains how to file payroll, fiduciary and partnership returns on magnetic tapes or disks. In the near future business taxpayers will send these returns directly to IRS via their telephones and computers. Other business returns such as corporate, estate, gift, excise, wagering and household employers will also be input electronically in the near future.

Filing returns electronically saves time; eliminates manual return processing; improves accuracy through computer software checks built into the program; acknowledges that the return was received by IRS and provides one-on-one assistance to participants into program.

Other seminars in the conference will discuss:

  • Alternative ways of filing business and individual returns, such as 1040PC, Telefile and pension plans
  • How IRS is reducing time, expense and taxpayer dissatisfaction in filing returns and paying taxes
  • Filing state tax returns electronically with federal returns

The conferences are scheduled in the following cities:

Boston, MA - July 7-8         * Cincinnati, OH - Sept. 1-2
Minneapolis, MN - July 20-21  * San Francisco, CA - Sept 15-16
Atlanta, GA - Aug 12-13       * Seattle, WA - Sept 29-30
San Antonio, TX - Oct 6-7

Vendors will display exhibits of computer hardware, software and other tax related products and services at each conference. Participants can explore and compare the newest products and services for electronic tax filing in the exhibit halls.

For more information on conference registration, locations, times or exhibit space, contact the IRS 1993 Nationwide Tax Forum on (301-773-1881). Additional information can be obtained by calling 1-800-829-1040 and asking for your local IRS Public Affairs Office or Electronic Filing Coordinator.

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