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1999 GAO Reports on the IRS

The mission of GAO's Tax Policy and Administration issue area is to provide Congress, the Executive Branch, and the public with timely, accurate, and objective analyses and information to improve our nation's tax system and its administration. This responsibility not only encompasses the government's revenue and tax expenditures, but also the IRS, the federal agency responsible for tax administration.

The reports below are the result of the GAO's internal investigations in the Tax Policy and Administration issue area. We think you will them interesting and fascinating, as they uncover weaknesses, abuses, malfeasance, mismanagement, waste, and corruption at the IRS.

AIMD-99-38 Dec. 14, 1999
IRS Systems Security: Although Significant Improvements Made, Tax Processing Operations & Data Still at Serious Risk
GGD-99-176 Sept. 14, 1999
IRS' Year 2000 Efforts: Actions Are Underway to Help Ensure That Contingency Plans Are Complete & Consistent
GGD-99-164 Aug. 30, 1999
Taxpayer Confidentiality: Federal, State, & Local Agencies Receiving Taxpayer Information
GGD-99-165 Aug. 24, 1999
Tax Administration: Few State & Local Governments Publicly Disclose Delinquent Taxpayers
GGD-99-133 Aug. 24, 1999
Tax Administration: Tax Requirements of Small Businesses
AIMD-99-196 Aug. 09, 1999
Internal Revenue Service: Serious Weaknesses Impact Ability To Report on & Manage Operations
AIMD-99-193 Aug. 04, 1999
Internal Revenue Service: Custodial Financial Management Weaknesses
GGD-99-256 Aug. 02, 1999
Payroll Taxes: Billions in Delinquent Taxes & Penalties Due But Unlikely to Be Collected
GGD-99-211 Aug. 02, 1999
Unpaid Payroll Taxes: Billions in Delinquent Taxes & Penalty Assessments Are Owed
AIMD-99-255 July 22, 1999
IRS Management: Formidable Challenges Confront IRS as It Attempts to Modernize
GGD-99-124 July 15, 1999
IRS Management: IRS Faces Challenges as it Restructures the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate
GGD-99-98 July 02, 1999
Tax Administration: IRS' Abatement Process in Selected Locations
GGD-99-206 June 15, 1999
Tax Systems Modernization: Results of Review of IRS' Initial Expenditure Plan
GGD-99-77 June 04, 1999
Tax Administration: IRS' Abatement of Assessments in Fiscal Years 1995-98
GGD-99-82 May 24, 1999
Tax Administration: Allegations of IRS Employee Misconduct
GGD-99-88 May 05, 1999
IRS Customer Service: Management Strategy Shows Promise But Could Be Improved
GGD-99-42 April 21, 1999
Tax Administration: Uses of & Problems with IRS' Non-Master File
AIMD-99-138 April 15, 1999
IRS Management: Business & Systems Modernization Pose Challenges
AIMD-99-140 April 13, 1999
Tax Administration: IRS' Fiscal Year 2000 Budget Request & 1999 Tax Filing Season
GGD-99-76 April 12, 1999
Small Business: Taxpayers Face Many Layers of Requirements
GGD-99-48 March 31, 1999
IRS Audits: Weaknesses in Selecting & Conducting Correspondence Audits
GGD-99-43 March 31, 1999
Confidentiality of Tax Data: IRS' Implementation of the Taxpayer Browsing Protection Act
GGD-99-39 March 23, 1999
Tax Administration: Foreign- & U.S.-Controlled Corporations That Did Not Pay U.S. Income Taxes, 1989-95
T-AIMD-99-103 March 01, 1999
Internal Revenue Service: Results of Fiscal Year 1998 Financial Statement Audit
AIMD-99-75 March 01, 1999
Financial Audit: IRS' Fiscal Year 1998 Financial Statements
GGD-99-35 Feb. 24, 1999
IRS' Year 2000 Efforts: Status & Remaining Challenges
GGD-99-30 Feb. 22, 1999
Tax Administration: IRS' Return Selection Process
GGD-99-18 Feb. 19, 1999
Tax Administration: Billions in Self Employment Taxes are Owed
T-GGD-99-28 Feb. 10, 1999
IRS Management: Challenges Facing the National Taxpayer Advocate
GGD-99-21 Dec. 31, 1998
Tax Administration: IRS' 1998 Tax Filing Season
GGD-99-19 Dec. 23, 1998
Tax Administration: IRS' Audit & Criminal Enforcement Rates for Individual Taxpayers Across the Country
AIMD-99-15 Nov. 30, 1998
Internal Revenue Service: Physical Security Over Taxpayer Receipts & Data Needs Improvement
GGD-99-11 Nov. 30, 1998
IRS Personnel Administration: Use of Enforcement Statistics in Employee Evaluations
GGD-99-4 Nov. 16, 1998
Paperwork Reduction Act: Implementation at IRS
AIMD-99-17 Nov. 09, 1998
Excise Taxes: Internal Control Weaknesses Affect Accuracy of Distributions to the Trust Funds
AIMD-99-16 Oct. 30, 1998
Internal Revenue Service: Immediate & Long-Term Actions Needed To Improve Financial Management
AIMD-99-12 Oct. 29, 1998
Internal Revenue Service: Composition & Collectibility of Unpaid Assessments
GGD-99-1 Oct. 16, 1998
Tax Administration: IRS' Problem-Solving Days


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