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2006 GAO Reports on the IRS

The mission of GAO's Tax Policy and Administration issue area is to provide Congress, the Executive Branch, and the public with timely, accurate, and objective analyses and information to improve our nation's tax system and its administration. This responsibility not only encompasses the government's revenue and tax expenditures, but also the IRS, the federal agency responsible for tax administration.

The reports below are the result of the GAO's internal investigations in the Tax Policy and Administration issue area. We think you will them interesting and fascinating, as they uncover weaknesses, abuses, malfeasance, mismanagement, waste, and corruption at the IRS.

GAO-06-1113T September 20, 2006
Business Tax Reform: Simplification and Increased Uniformity of Taxation Would Yield Benefits
GAO-06-1028T August 3, 2006
Individual Income Tax Policy: Streamlining, Simplification, and Additional Reforms Are Desirable
GAO-06-1000T July 26, 2006
Tax Compliance: Opportunities Exist to Reduce the Tax Gap Using a Variety of Approaches
GAO-06-887 July 28, 2006
Tax Debt: Some Combined Federal Campaign Charities Owe Payroll and Other Federal Taxes
GAO-06-851T June 13, 2006
Tax Compliance: Challenges to Corporate Tax Enforcement and Options to Improve Securities Basis Reporting
GAO-06-799 July 27, 2006
Tax-Exempt Organizations: Collecting More Data on Donor-Advised Funds and Supporting Organizations Could Help Address Compliance Challenges
GAO-06-769 July 26, 2006
Unemployment Insurance: States' Tax Financing Systems Allow Costs to Be Shared among Industries
GAO-06-755T May 25, 2006
Tax Debt: Some Combined Federal Campaign Charities Owe Payroll and Other Federal Taxes
GAO-06-727 September 22, 2006
Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community Program: Improvements Occurred in Communities, but the Effect of the Program Is Unclear
GAO-06-615T April 6, 2006
Internal Revenue Service: Assessment of the Interim Results of the 2006 Filing Season and Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Request
GAO-06-603 June 13, 2006
Capital Gains Tax Gap: Requiring Brokers to Report Securities Cost Basis Would Improve Compliance if Related Challenges Are Addressed
GAO-06-563T April 4, 2006
Paid Tax Return Preparers: In a Limited Study, Chain Preparers Made Serious Errors
GAO-06-560 June 6, 2006
Internal Revenue Service: Status of Recommendations from Financial Audits and Related Financial Management Reports
GAO-06-543R May 12, 2006
Management Report: Improvements Needed in IRS's Internal Controls
GAO-06-541 May 19, 2006
Puerto Rico: Fiscal Relations with the Federal Government and Economic Trends during the Phaseout of the Possessions Tax Credit
GAO-06-525 April 20, 2006
IRS Offers in Compromise: Performance Has Been Mixed; Better Management Information and Simplification Could Improve the Program
GAO-06-499T April 27, 2006
Internal Revenue Service: Assessment of the Interim Results of the 2006 Filing Season and Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Request
GAO-06-492T March 14, 2006
Financial Management: Thousands of GSA Contractors Abuse the Federal Tax System
GAO-06-453T February 15, 2006
Tax Gap: Making Significant Progress in Improving Tax Compliance Rests on Enhancing Current IRS Techniques and Adopting New Legislative Actions
GAO-06-396 March 24, 2006
Tax Administration: Opportunities to Improve Compliance Decisions and Service to Taxpayers through Enhancements to Appeals' Feedback Project
GAO-06-360 February 21, 2006
Business Systems Modernization: Internal Revenue Service's Fiscal Year 2006 Expenditure Plan
GAO-06-328 March 23, 2006
Information Security: Continued Progress Needed to Strengthen Controls at the Internal Revenue Service
GAO-06-310 March 20, 2006
Business Systems Modernization: IRS Needs to Complete Recent Efforts to Develop Policies and Procedures to Guide Requirements Development and Management
GAO-06-273 January 23, 2006
Internet Access Tax Moratorium: Revenue Impacts Will Vary by State
GAO-06-220T November 3, 2005
Financial Institutions: Issues Regarding the Tax-Exempt Status of Credit Unions
GAO-06-208T October 26, 2005
Tax Gap: Multiple Strategies, Better Compliance Data, and Long-Term Goals Are Needed to Improve Taxpayer Compliance
GAO-06-199R November 4, 2005
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Airport and Airway Trust Fund Excise Taxes
GAO-06-198R November 4, 2005
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Highway Trust Fund Excise Taxes
GAO-06-197R November 4, 2005
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Federal Unemployment Taxes
GAO-06-137 November 10, 2005
Financial Audit: IRS's Fiscal Years 2005 and 2004 Financial Statements
GAO-06-100 October 11, 2005
Taxpayer Information: Options Exist to Enable Data Sharing Between IRS and USCIS but Each Presents Challenges
GAO-06-51 November 14, 2005
Tax Administration: IRS Improved Some Filing Season Services, but Long-term Goals Would Help Manage Strategic Trade-offs


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