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2002 GAO Reports on the IRS

The mission of GAO's Tax Policy and Administration issue area is to provide Congress, the Executive Branch, and the public with timely, accurate, and objective analyses and information to improve our nation's tax system and its administration. This responsibility not only encompasses the government's revenue and tax expenditures, but also the IRS, the federal agency responsible for tax administration.

The reports below are the result of the GAO's internal investigations in the Tax Policy and Administration issue area. We think you will them interesting and fascinating, as they uncover weaknesses, abuses, malfeasance, mismanagement, waste, and corruption at the IRS.

GAO-02-966 Sept. 27, 2002
Results-Oriented Cultures: Using Balanced Expectations to Manage Senior Executive Performance.
GAO-02-751 Sept. 13, 2002
Student Aid & Tax Benefits: Better Research and Guidance Will Facilitate Comparison of Effectiveness and Student Use.
GAO-02-827 Aug. 02, 2002
Tax Administration: Advance Tax Refund Program Was a Major Accomplishment, but Not Problem Free.
GAO-02-848 July 30, 2002
Internal Revenue Service: Status of Recommendations from Financial Audits & Related Financial Management Reports.
GAO-02-882R July 26, 2002
Review of the Estimates for the Impact of the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks on New York Tax Revenues.
GAO-02-746R July 18, 2002
Management Report: Improvements Needed in IRS's Accounting Procedures & Internal Controls.
GAO-02-444 July 17, 2002
Political Organizations: Data Disclosure & IRS's Oversight of Organizations Should Be Improved.
GAO-02-804 July 12, 2002
Performance Management Systems: IRS's Systems for Frontline Employees & Managers Align with Strategic Goals but Improvements Can Be Made.
GAO-02-711R July 08, 2002
IRS's Budget Justification: Options for Structure & Content.
GAO-02-704 June 28, 2002
Internal Revenue Service: Improving Adequacy of Information Systems Budget Justification.
GAO-02-769 June 27, 2002
Tax Administration: New Compliance Research Effort Is on Track, but Important Work Remains.
GAO-02-733 May 22, 2002
Internal Revenue Service: Efforts to Identify & Combat Abusive Tax Schemes Have Increased, but Challenges Remain
GAO-02-674 May 22, 2002
Tax Administration: Impact of Compliance and Collection Program Declines on Taxpayers.
GAO-02-715T May 14, 2002
Tax Administration: Continued Progress Modernizing IRS Depends on Managing Risks
GAO-02-667T May 09, 2002
Highway Financing: Factors Affecting Highway Trust Fund Revenues.
GAO-02-234R May 07, 2002
IRS Guidance on Economic Analyses in Investment Business Cases
GAO-02-526 April 30, 2002
Tax-Exempt Organizations: Improvements Possible in Public, IRS, & State Oversight of Charities
GAO-02-449 April 25, 2002
Earned Income Credit: Opportunities To Make Recertification Program Less Confusing & More Consistent
GAO-02-558 April 24, 2002
Tax Administration: IRS's Innocent Spouse Program Performance Improved; Balanced Performance Measures Needed
GAO-02-619T April 15, 2002
Tax Administration: IRS Continues to Face Management Challenges in its Business Practices & Modernization Efforts
GAO-02-353 April 12, 2002
Private Pensions: IRS Can Improve the Quality & Usefulness of Compliance Studies
GAO-02-638R April 11, 2002
Income Ranges of Taxpayers Who May Have Overpaid Federal Taxes by Not Itemizing
GAO-02-618T April 11, 2002
Internal Revenue Service: Enhanced Efforts to Combat Abusive Tax Schemes--Challenges Remain
GAO-02-580T April 09, 2002
Internal Revenue Service: Assessment of Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2003 & Interim Results of 2002 Tax Filing Season
GAO-02-509 March 29, 2002
Tax Deductions: Further Estimates of Taxpayers Who May Have Overpaid Federal Taxes by Not Itemizing
GAO-02-311 March 15, 2002
Tax Administration: IRS Should Evaluate the Changes to Its Offer in Compromise Program
GAO-02-381R Feb. 15, 2002
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Federal Unemployment Taxes.
GAO-02-380R Feb. 15, 2002
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Airport & Airway Trust Fund Excise Taxes.
GAO-02-379R Feb. 11, 2002
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Highway Trust Fund Excise Taxes.
GAO-02-336 Jan. 31, 2002
Tax Abatements: Better IRS Data Could Benefit Small Businesses & IRS
GAO-02-92 Jan. 15, 2002
Tax Administration: IRS's Efforts to Improve Compliance With Employment Tax Requirements Should Be Evaluated
GAO-02-205 Jan. 10, 2002
Tax Administration: Electronic Filing's Past & Future Impact on Processing Costs Dependent on Several Factors
GAO-02-144 Dec. 21, 2001
Tax Administration: Assessment of IRS' 2001 Tax Filing Season.
GAO-02-290R Dec. 14, 2001
Earned Income Tax Credit Eligibility & Participation.
GAO-02-257 Dec. 13, 2001
Tax Administration: Interim Report on Advance Tax Refunds
GAO-02-212 Dec. 07, 2001
IRS Telephone Assistance: Limited Progress & Missed Opportunities to Analyze Performance in the 2001 Filing Season
GAO-02-35 Oct. 19, 2001
Internal Revenue Service: Progress Made, but Further Actions Needed to Improve Financial Management.
A02377 Sept. 01, 2001
FASAB: Amending SFFAS 7, Elimination of Certain Disclosures Related to Tax Revenue Transactions by the Internal Revenue Service, Customs, & Others.


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