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H.R.1836 Economic Growth &
Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001

Text of the Enrolled Bill Sent to President Bush
and Signed on June 7th, 2001

THE NEW TAX LAW: The Congress has passed and President Bush has now signed the latest tax bill, now titled "Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001." Below you will find links to help you better understand all the provisiosns of this new legislation. This bill is now Public Law No: 107-16.


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TEXT OF H.R. 1836

Complete Text of H.R. 1836 in one file - PDF format - 354KB

Complete Text of H.R. 1836 in one file - HTML format - 357KB


Brief Summary of H.R. 1836 by the Joint Committee on Taxation - HTML format - one page

Complete Explanation of H.R. 1836 in one file - PDF format - 1.2 megs

Explanations of H.R. 1836 by Title: only available in PDF format.

  • Title I: Individual Income Tax Rate Reductions - PDF format - 71KB
  • 72KB
  • Title II: Tax Benefits Relating to Children - PDF format - 58KB
  • Title III: Marriage Penalty Relief - PDF format - 65KB
  • Title IV: Affordable Education Provisions - PDF format - 103KB
  • Title V: Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Provisions - PDF format - 103KB
  • Title VI: Pension and Individual Retirement Arrangement Provisions - PDF format - 245KB
  • Title VII: Alternative Minimum Tax - PDF format - 42KB
  • Title VIII: Other Provisions - PDF format - 79KB
  • Title IX: Compliance With Congressional Budget Act - PDF format - 485KB
  • Title X: Tax Complexity Analysis - PDF format - 55KB


Complete text of the Debate in the U.S. Senate on H.R. 1836 Conference Report- PDF format - 388KB

Seperate remarks by each Senator as they spoke during the debate.

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