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1996 Tax Year

This is archived information that pertains only to the 1996 Tax Year. If you
are looking for information for the current tax year, go to the Tax Prep Help Area.

Category FAQs
IRS Help Available FAQ-100  
IRS Procedures FAQ-150  
Collection FAQ-200  
Alternative Filing Methods FAQ-250  
General Information FAQ-300  
Filing Requirements, Filing Status, and Exemptions FAQ-350  
Types of Income FAQ-400  
Adjustments To Income FAQ-450  
Itemized Deductions FAQ-500  
Tax Computations FAQ-550  
Tax Credits FAQ-600  
IRS Notices and Letters FAQ-650  
Basis of Assets, Depreciation, and Sale of Assets FAQ-700  
Employer Tax Information FAQ-750  
Magnetic Media Filers, Form 1099 Series, & Related Information Returns FAQ-800  
Tax Information for Aliens & U.S. Citizens Living Abroad FAQ-850  

Category Tax Topics
IRS Services-Volunteer Tax Assistance Toll - Free Telephone, Walk-in Assistance, and Outreach Programs Topic 101  
Tax Assistance for Individuals With Disabilities and The Hearing Impaired Topic 102  
Small Business Tax Education Program (or STEP) - Tax Help for Small Businesses Topic 103  
Problem Resolution Program - Help for Problem Situations Topic 104  
Public Libraries - Tax Information Tapes and Reproducible Tax Forms Topic 105  
Hardship Assistance Applications Topic 106  
Your Appeal Rights Topic 151  
Refunds - How Long They Should Take Topic 152  
What to do if You Haven't Filed Your Tax Return (Non-filers) Topic 153  
Form W-2 - What to do if Not Received Topic 154  
Forms and Publications - How to Order Topic 155  
Copy of Your Tax Return - How to Get One Topic 156  
Change of Address - How to Notify IRS Topic 157  
Ensuring Proper Credit of Payments Topic 158  
The Collection Process Topic 201  
What to do if You Can't Pay Your Tax Topic 202  
Failure to Pay Child Support and Other Federal Obligations Topic 203  
Offers - in - Compromise Topic 204  
1040PC Tax Return Topic 251  
Electronic Filing Topic:252  
Substitute Tax Forms Topic 253  
How to Choose a Tax Preparer Topic 254  
Telefile Topic 255  
When, Where, and How to File Topic 301  
Highlights of Tax Changes Topic 302  
Checklist of Common Errors When Preparing Your Tax Return Topic 303  
Extensions of Time to FileYour Tax Return Topic 304  
Recordkeeping Topic 305  
Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Tax Topic 306  
Backup Withholding Topic 307  
Amended Returns Topic 308  
Tax Fraud - How to Report Topic 309  
Power of Attorney Information Topic 310  
Who Must File? Topic 351  
Which Form - 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ? Topic 352  
What is Your Filing Status? Topic 353  
Dependents Topic 354  
Estimated Tax Topic 355  
Decedents Topic 356  
Wages and Salaries Topic 401  
Tips Topic 402  
Interest Received Topic 403  
Dividends Topic 404  
Refunds of State and Local Taxes Topic 405  
Alimony Received Topic 406  
Business Income Topic 407  
Sole Proprietorship Topic 408  
Capital Gains and Losses Topic 409  
Pensions and Annuities Topic 410  
Pensions - The General Rule and the Simplified General Rule Topic 411  
Lump - Sum Distributions Topic 412  
Rollovers from Retirement Plans Topic 413  
Rental Income and Expenses Topic 414  
Renting Vacation Property/Renting to Relatives Topic 415  
Farming and Fishing Income Topic 416  
Earnings for Clergy Topic 417  
Unemployment Compensation Topic 418  
Gambling Income and Expenses Topic 419  
Bartering Income Topic 420  
Scholarship and Fellowship Grants Topic 421  
Nontaxable Income Topic 422  
Social Security and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits Topic 423  
401(K) Plans Topic 424  
Passive Activities - Losses and Credits Topic 425  
Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) Topic 451  
Alimony Paid Topic 452  
Bad Debt Deduction Topic 453  
Tax Shelters Topic 454  
Moving Expenses Topic 455  
Should I Itemize? Topic 501  
Medical and Dental Expenses Topic 502  
Deductible Taxes Topic 503  
Home Mortgage Points Topic 504  
Interest Expense Topic 505  
Contributions Topic 506  
Casualty Losses Topic 507  
Miscellaneous Expenses Topic 508  
Business Use of Home Topic 509  
Business Use of Car Topic 510  
Business Travel Expenses Topic 511  
Business Entertainment Expenses Topic 512  
Educational Expenses Topic 513  
Employee Business Expenses Topic 514  
Disaster Area Losses (Including Flood Losses) Topic 515  
Standard Deduction Topic 551  
Tax and Credits Figured by IRS Topic 552  
Tax On A Child's Investment Income Topic 553  
Self-Employment Tax Topic 554  
Five or Ten Year Tax Options For Lump-Sum Distributions Topic 555  
Alternative Minimum Tax Topic 556  
Earned Income Credit (EIC) Topic 601  
Child and Dependent Care Credit Topic 602  
Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled Topic 603  
Advanced Earned Income Credit Topic 604  
Notices - What to do Topic 651  
Notice of Underreported Income - CP-2000 Topic 652  
IRS Notices and Bills/Penalty and Interest Charges Topic 653  
Notice of Change to Return Topic 654  
We Changed Your Account Topic 655  
Notice of Change to Return - CP 11 Topic 656  
We Corrected Your Return Amount Due IRS Topic 657  
We Changed Your Account (Refund) Topic 658  
You Are Due A Refund - CP 12 We Changed Your Return Topic 659  
We Changed Your Account CP 22A Topic 660  
Sale of Your Home - General Topic 701  
Sale of Your Home - How to Report Gain Topic 702  
Sale of Your Home - Exclusion of Gain, Age 55 and Over Topic 703  
Basis of Assets Topic 704  
Depreciation Topic 705  
Installment Sales Topic 706  
Social Security and Medicare Withholding Rates Topic 751  
Form W-2-Where, When, and How to File Topic 752  
Form W-4-Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate Topic 753  
Form W-5 - Advance Earned Income Credit Topic 754  
Employer Identificiation Number (EIN) - How to Apply Topic 755  
Employment Taxes for Household Employees Topic 756  
Form 941 - Deposit Requirements Topic 757  
Form 941 - Employer's Quarterly Tax Return Topic 758  
Form 940 and 940EZ - Deposit Requirements Topic 759  
Form 940/Form 940-EZ - Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Returns Topic 760  
Form 945 - Annual Return of Withheld Federal Income Tax Topic 761  
Who Must File Magnetically Topic 801  
Applications, Forms, and Instructions Topic 802  
Waivers and Extensions Topic 803  
Test Files and Combined Federal and State Filing Topic 804  
Electronic Filing of Information Returns Topic 805  
Resident and Nonresident Aliens Topic 851  
Dual - Status Alien Topic 852  
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion - General Topic 853  
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion - Who Qualifies? Topic 854  
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion - What Qualifies? Topic 855  
Foreign Tax Credit Topic 856  
Alien Tax Clearance Topic 961  

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