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How to Protect Yourself &
Survive the IRS

Dept. of Justice Criminal Tax Manual
You know you're in really BIG trouble if a Special Agent comes to door. AND you should know that it's time for some REALLY BIG PROFESSIONAL HELP. So this section's not really for you. It's for your lawyer who may not be able to find it anywhere else. (OK, you can read it if it'll help you to sleep a little better. Or help you to talk with your lawyer and understand what he or she is telling you. Wouldn't your lawyer pay dearly to have this? Download a copy for him/her and trade it for some free advice.)

IRS Market Segment Specialization Program: Audit Techniques Guides
The Market Segment Specialization Program (MSSP) focuses on developing highly trained examiners for a particular market segment. A market segment may be an industry such as construction or entertainment, a profession like attorneys or real estate agents or an issue like passive activity losses. An integral part of the approach used is the development and publication of Audit Techniques Guides.

These Guides contain examination techniques, common and unique industry issues, business practices, industry terminology and other information to assist examiners in performing examinations.

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