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September 06, 2000

Taxpayer Rights Area Created for IRS Web Page

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service has created a special new web section for taxpayers seeking information about their rights when dealing with the nation’s tax agency.

The new “Taxpayer Rights Corner” premiered this week at under the “Tax Info for You” section. The page can be accessed at

The section brings a variety of issues involving taxpayer rights issues into one convenient place. Previously, much of the material was located in different parts of the IRS web site.

“The IRS is making it easier for taxpayers to find information about their rights,” said Bob Wenzel, IRS Deputy Commissioner. “This section is designed to be an easy, one-stop shop.”

The Taxpayer Rights Corner includes topics ranging from basic taxpayer information to detailed steps on how to get help from the IRS. Among the areas highlighted on the web page:

  • “Know Your Rights” spells out basic taxpayer rights.
  • The notice section gives quick links to understanding IRS notices.
  • For examination and collection issues, the Taxpayer Rights Corner connects to publications detailing step-by-step IRS processes.
  • If taxpayers have a disagreement with the IRS, information is available in the Appeal Rights section.
  • Taxpayers with difficulty solving their problems through normal IRS channels can contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service.
  • The site also has information on questions involving legal representation and confidentiality privileges.

The IRS worked with several groups while preparing the Taxpayer Rights Corners, including members of the IRS Advisory Council, the Citizen Advocacy Panel, the Community Tax Law Project and others in the business and tax professional community.

This is a great service," said American University Tax Law Professor Janet Spragens, who assisted with the site. "It has tons of useful information for taxpayers." Inside the IRS, the Taxpayer Advocate Service and Appeals Division worked with Communications and Liaison Division and Multimedia Production on the project. “The Taxpayer Rights Corner provides valuable information for taxpayers interacting with the IRS,” Wenzel said. “This web page reflects the agency’s commitment to safeguarding taxpayer rights.”

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