IRS News Release  
May 15, 1997

Charitable Organizations
Now Listed on Internet

WASHINGTON - Taxpayers no longer have to call the Internal Revenue Service to check the tax-exempt status of their favorite charity. Those with Internet access who want to make sure their charitable contributions qualify for a deduction on their tax returns can now check the names of nearly 500,000 tax-exempt organizations.

The Internal Revenue Service's Publication 78 is a cumulative list of organizations to which donations made will qualify as charitable contributions. The entire contents of this publication is now listed on IRS's website (

The listing is accessible through the "Tax Information for You" and "Tax Information for Business" sections of the page. The user-friendly format allows for a search by the name, or portions of the name, of an organization or by city and state.

The listing will be updated each quarter with the names and locations of newly exempted organizations.

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