IRS News Release  
May 13, 1997

IRS Releases 1994
Corporation Source Book

WASHINGTON - Corporations filed over 4.3 million active federal income tax returns for 1994, reporting $13.4 trillion in total receipts, $577.3 billion in net income (less deficit), $494.0 billion in income subject to tax, and $135.5 billion in income tax after credits.

These and other corporate statistics are reported in the Internal Revenue Service's Publication 1053, 1994 Corporation Source Book. The publication includes aggregate statistics on assets, liabilities, receipts, deductions, tax, and tax credits, presented by industry groups and total asset sizes.

Printed copies of Publication 1053 can be purchased for $175. Floppy disk and magnetic tape copies are available for $1500. A General Description of the 1994 Corporations Source Book (Publication 647) includes a list of industry classifications and tape specifications and is available without charge by calling (202) 874-0410 (not a free call).

Orders may be sent to the Director, Statistics of Income Division CP:R:S, Internal Revenue Service, PO Box 2608, Washington, DC 20013-2608. Tape orders should include tape specifications, and all order should include checks payable to IRS, Accounting Section.

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