IRS News Release  
April 04, 1995

Tax Filers Can Find Forms Fast

There may not be enough time left before April 17 for last minute filers to wait for much-needed tax forms to come in the mail. So the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers the following options to individuals who need their tax forms fast.

Local participating post offices and banks carry common IRS forms and instructions. Many local libraries carry a wider variety of forms and instructions along with reference books of most of the forms. The forms in the reference books can be reproduced on the spot, usually for a small fee. Local IRS offices also carry most forms, instructions, and publications.

And now, taxpayers "surfing the Net" can download and print tax forms, instructions, and publications from IRIS, the Internal Revenue Information Service electronic bulletin board.

IRIS can be accessed through the Internet via FedWorld, the public network for federal government information. All forms on IRIS can be used just like regular IRS forms.

To dial directly into FedWorld, set modem parity to none, data bits to 8, stop bit to 1, terminal emulation to ANSI, duplex to full, and communication software to dial 703-321-8020.

Or, to access the Internet, set the telnet to ( For Internet File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services, connect to (

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