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January 26, 1995

Archer: Ways and Means Goes Cyber

Congressman Bill Archer (R-TX), Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means, today announced that a wide variety of Committee documents are now available over the Internet.

"The Ways and Means Committee," Archer said, "conducted its first meeting in 1789. Today, I am pleased to launch our historic committee into the technology of the 21st century. My goal is to allow the American taxpayer greater access to information about the Congress and this Committee. After all, the tax dollars that pay for our activities belong to the people, not the government. It is only right that we afford the public every opportunity to see how their money is spent."

Documents such as press releases, hearing advisories, and selected Committee Prints can be found at Internet address GOPHER.HOUSE.GOV. Once attached to "GOPHER.HOUSE.GOV," users should select "HOUSE COMMITTEE INFORMATION" and then "WAYS AND MEANS".

The "WAYS AND MEANS" section currently contains the following items:


A list of members of the Committee on Ways and Means and its subcommittees for the 104th Congress.


The Rules of the Ways and Means Committee for the 104th Congress adopted January 4, 1995.


A weekly schedule of Committee activities including Full Committee and Subcommittee hearings, etc. This list is distributed each Thursday for the following week and is revised as necessary.


Miscellaneous information and Committee publications of interest, such as:

  • a copy of the Committee print summarizing provisions in the Contract with America within the Committee's jurisdiction;
  • selected excerpts from a Committee print describing the Committee's jurisdiction and history;
  • speeches and/or statements from the Chairman;
  • background information related to items under consideration by the Committee or its Subcommittees, etc.


The full text of Committee 'Advisories' announcing upcoming Full Committee and Subcommittee hearings and providing background material on the issue(s) being considered.


The full text of press releases, news releases, announcements, etc., issued by the Committee press office.


Items of interest relating to the five Ways and Means subcommittees (Health, Human Resources, Oversight, Social Security, Trade).

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