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September 26, 1994

Thousands Due Extra Cash From IRS

WASHINGTON - Over 92,200 taxpayers should be delighted to hear from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is trying to find them to return almost $54 million. That is the amount of the tax refunds, averaging $584, that could not be delivered.

These checks were returned to the IRS by the Postal Service. Some taxpayers move and do not give IRS their new address and thousands of refund checks have incorrect names or addresses.

The IRS said that many taxpayers can avoid delays in getting their refunds by providing accurate information and using the preaddressed label in their tax package. Taxpayers who move should send IRS a change of address on Form 8822. Also, taxpayers who file returns electronically can have their refund deposited directly into their bank account. Direct deposit eliminates the possibility of lost, stolen or undeliverable refund checks.

Though there are thousands of undelivered refunds each year the total is small in comparison to all refunds issued. Last filing season more than 75 million taxpayers received their checks on time with the average refund being over $1000.

In order to ensure accuracy of return information and timely refunds this coming filing season, the IRS is asking all taxpayers to make sure they enter correct social security numbers on their returns for themselves and their dependents. Failure to provide the correct numbers may delay a refund check.

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