IRS News Release  
October 25, 1990

Office of Contracts & Acquisitions Reorganized

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service is reorganizing its office of contracts and acquisitions to meet anticipated procurement needs for tax system modernization that will involve capital expenditures of up to $6 billion over the next decade.

The new office will be headed by an Assistant Commissioner (Procurement Services) and will report directly to the Chief Financial Officer. Primary responsibilities of the new office of procurement services will be to set policy and perform contract administration, information systems acquisitions, quality assurance and program review.

Procurement services currently are performed by the Contracts and Acquisition Division under the Assistant Commissioner for Human Resources Management and Support. Last year this division handled procurement totaling $240 million.

IRS said the benefits of the reorganization are twofold. By keeping the function within the offices of the Chief Financial Officer, procurement services will continue to be provided independent of any one IRS organizational client.

Also, by elevating procurement services to the level of assistant commissioner, the procurement aspects critical to the success of modernizing the tax system will be managed directly at the top executive level of IRS.

IRS said the office of procurement services will assist in all procurements, including telecommunications, supplies, equipment and maintenance services, in addition to those relating to tax systems modernization.

Design and specifications associated with procurements will continue to be initiated and developed by various IRS functions and operations. The Assistant Commissioner (Procurement Services) will assist the client office in finalizing design and related analysis and assume jurisdiction for actual contract work.

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