IRS News Release  
October 23, 1990

Devlin Named as Director of
the Information Reporting Program

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service has named John F. Devlin to the new position of director of the information reporting program.

Devlin is responsible for all aspects of the IRS' information reporting systems which are the primary way the IRS verifies accuracy of the 100 million returns filed each year. Through the information reporting program, various payers report to IRS and to taxpayers the income earned by taxpayers. The IRS can then compare the payer reports with returns filed by taxpayers. Last year $3.4 billion in additional tax and penalties was recommended as a result of the information returns program.

The new position is a move to increase the recognition of the information reporting program as a major factor in current tax administration. Devlin's job is to ensure a multifunctional approach to information reporting which means making sure taxpayers get accurate reports which clearly show income to be reported and that IRS makes maximum use of the information to improve voluntary compliance. The multifunctional program has a budgeted cost of $200 million and provides approximately $3.4 billion in additional tax and penalties while maintaining and improving the voluntary reporting system.

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