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Guide to Free IRS Tax Services

Guide to Free Tax Services identifies the many IRS tax materials and services available to you, and how, when, and where you can get them. Most materials and programs are free and most are available year-round through the IRS. Internet, telephone, and fax access of tax materials; filing options; tax publications; tax education and assistance programs; and tax tips are covered in this guide. Publication 910 also gives direction to access recorded tax information and automated refund information. Please read on to see which IRS tax services will help make your tax filing easier.

Tax Information - Where to Get It
IRS web page - CD-ROM - Tax Fax - Corporate Partnership Program - Copy Center Program
Quick and Easy Access to Tax Help
Get info & forms by computer, fax, mail, walk-in, CD-ROM, and phone
Taxpayer Assistance Programs
Aren't you curious what these mean?
Taxpayer Education Programs
Community Outreach, Understanding Taxes, Practitioner Education
Explore IRS e-file
Using a tax professional, computer, telephone, or VITA/TCE sites
Customer Service
Customer Service, Office of the Privacy Advocate, Taxpayer Rights
Obtaining Tax Information by TeleTax -
Recorded tax information - checking on your tax refund - TeleTax Topics
Business Tax Services and Information
e-file, 941 reporting agents, 941 pilot test, EFTPS, independent contractor, STEP, tax calendar, Small Business Affairs, YBTK, SSA/IRS newsletter


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