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Join the 40 million Americans who will file their tax returns electronically using an IRS e-file option. IRS e-file is the quickest and most accurate way to file your taxes. It offers a fast refund (twice as fast as filing on paper, even faster with Direct Deposit); a better likelihood for an error-free return; the opportunity to file your federal and state tax returns together; proof within 48 hours that your return has been received by the IRS; privacy; and security. If you owe tax, you can e-file and pay in a single step by authorizing an electronic funds withdrawal and scheduling your payment for withdrawal on a future date, up to the return due date, or pay by credit card. Check out the IRS Web site at for more information on IRS e-file.

Here´s how you can use IRS e-file:

IRS e-file Through an Authorized Provider

(Look for an “Authorized IRS e-file Provider” sign.)

  • Many tax professionals can electronically file paperless returns for their clients. As a taxpayer, you have two options:

  • You can prepare your return; take it to a tax professional; ask to sign it electronically using a five-digit self-selected Personal Identification Number (PIN) and then have the tax professional transmit it electronically to the IRS; or You can have a professional prepare your return; you can sign it electronically using a five-digit self-selected Personal Identification Number (PIN); and have your preparer transmit it for you electronically.

Depending on the tax professional and the specific services requested, a fee may be charged. Look for the “Authorized IRS e-file Provider” sign or check the IRS Web Site at for an “Authorized IRS e-file Provider” near you.

IRS e-file Using a Personal Computer

A computer with a modem and/or Internet access is all you need to e-file your tax return and sign it electronically using a five-digit self-selected Personal Identification Number (PIN). It´s totally paperless! Tax preparation software that offers the IRS e-file option is available at various electronic stores or computer and office supply stores. You can download software from the Internet (nothing to buy or install). To find free and low-cost e-file opportunities for taxpayers who qualify or a list of all software companies that participate in the IRS e-file program, visit our Web site at Once your return is prepared, you will need a modem and/or Internet access to file it electronically.

IRS e-file Using a Touch-Tone Telephone

For millions of eligible taxpayers, TeleFile is the easiest way to file. TeleFile allows you to file your simple federal tax return using a Touch-Tone telephone. If you are eligible to use TeleFile, the IRS will automatically send you a TeleFile tax package through the mail. Just fill in the tax record in the booklet, pick up a telephone, and call the toll-free number listed in the tax package, any time of day or night. TeleFile is completely paperless —-there are no forms to mail. It usually takes about 10 minutes and is absolutely free!

IRS e-file Through Employers and Financial Institutions

Some businesses offer free e-file to their employees, members, or customers. Others offer it for a fee. Ask your employer or financial institution if they offer IRS e-file as an employee, member, or customer benefit. If they don´t, ask them to provide IRS e-file as a service this filing season.

IRS e-file at Authorized VITA and TCE Sites

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) sites are open to low-income individuals, others who need help with their tax returns, and the elderly. Both programs are free and can be found at many libraries, colleges, universities, shopping malls, and retirement and senior centers. Find the closest VITA or TCE site by calling 1-800-829-1040. Remember to take your spouse´s, your dependent´s, and your own social security cards and any other identifying documents. Ask for IRS e-file at these sites.


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