IRS News Release  
March 15, 2004

Everson Names Bruce Ungar,
Frank Keith to Leadership Posts

WASHINGTON - Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Mark W. Everson today announced two key staff selections. The commissioner named Bruce Ungar as Deputy Commissioner, Large and Mid-Size Business Division, and Frank Keith as Chief, Communications and Liaison.

The appointments are affective immediately. Ungar will report to LMSB Commissioner Deborah M. Nolan, who has served in the position since 2003. Keith will report to Commissioner Everson.

"Bruce Ungar brings a wealth of experience to the IRS and to LMSB," Everson said. "Bruce understands the complexity and challenges that arise in the LMSB arena. As the IRS enhances its efforts on abusive corporate tax shelters, Bruce will be a valued addition to the entire LMSB team."

Ungar, who joined the agency in 2003, currently serves as counselor to the commissioner. He previously worked as an executive in the securities and banking businesses, first for Lehman Brothers and later Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he also was a member of a private company that financed and developed the International Securities Exchange, the first all-electronic securities exchange in the United States.

LMSB is one of four operating divisions within the IRS. It employs 6,000 workers and serves 160,000 business taxpayers. The division oversees the tax and compliance issues of the nation's largest corporations and of businesses with assets of more than $10 million.

Ungar will work with LMSB leaders to continue improving the compliance process. Key goals include working to resolve issues faster and make improvements to the examination process.

Keith began his IRS career in Providence, R.I., in 1975 as a taxpayer service representative and later served as a district problem resolution officer and public affairs officer. In 1988, he moved to Washington and joined the Media Relations Office. He became director of the Office of Media Relations in 1997 and director of Communications in 1999. In these roles, he worked closely with the two previous IRS Commissioners.

Keith will oversee Communications and Liaison, which oversees all aspects of communications for the IRS with the public and outside stakeholders, including tax practitioners and governmental agencies. Communications and Liaison is also responsible for internal communications with 100,000 IRS employees.

In 2003, Keith was named the third IRS recipient of The Robert E. Wenzel Excellence in Service Award. The award recognizes a career IRS executive who best represents the standards of excellence and dedication in public service.

"Frank's extensive knowledge of the IRS, built through years of work in tax administration, provides a strong background for this important position," Everson said. "Communications and Liaison plays a critical role interacting with tax practitioners, IRS employees and other key agency stakeholders."

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