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August 04, 2004

New e-mail Service Available for Technical Guidance

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service is launching a new service to make technical guidance available via e-mail to tax professionals when the documents are issued.

“This is an easy way for tax professionals to get copies of important guidance quickly and directly,” said IRS Chief Counsel Don Korb. “This is a valuable resource tool for people who need time-sensitive guidance in advance of publication in the Internal Revenue Bulletin.”

Through the IRS GuideWire list server, subscribers will receive notification of and links to IRS announcements, notices, revenue procedures and revenue rulings as they are issued.

To subscribe to the service, individuals should request being added to the list server by going to, clicking on “The Newsroom” and “e-News Subscriptions” then choosing “IRS GuideWire.”

The IRS has several other e-mail services available besides GuideWire:

  1. A weekly summary of IRS technical guidance and other important news is available by subscribing to the Digital Dispatch.
  2. News releases are available on a same-day basis through the IRS Newswire.
  3. IRS Tax Tips provides helpful tax information for taxpayers. Tax Tips are distributed on a daily basis during the January April filing season and periodically through the rest of the year.

These services and others are available by going to the Newsroom on, and clicking on e-News Subscriptions.

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