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May 08, 2002

New Tax Scams Page Debuts on

WASHINGTON - Keeping taxpayers alerted to the latest scams, the Internal Revenue Service has created an updated Criminal Investigation web page on schemes and cons.

The redesigned page on Tax Fraud Alerts is the latest IRS effort to combat tax schemes. The site is available by visiting and using the home page link “Tax Scams/Fraud Alerts.”

“Identifying and combating actively promoted tax schemes is our highest compliance priority. One reason is the money lost to the Treasury, which is clearly substantial. But, even more important, these promoted schemes are unfair and corrosive to the health of our tax system,” said Charles O. Rossotti, IRS Commissioner.

“Nothing undermines confidence in the tax system more than the impression that the average honest taxpayer has to pay his or her taxes while unscrupulous taxpayers are allowed to get away with not paying,” Rossotti added.

The updated Tax Fraud Alerts page provides taxpayers links to such news items as recent civil and criminal actions against scam promoters and participants by the Department of Justice. The page also links taxpayers to recent IRS news items about the agency´s enforcement efforts and warnings about common tax scams. For example, the IRS “Dirty Dozen” news release includes information on such cons as false slavery reparations that promises African Americans a huge rebate or the scam that claims Social Security withholdings are refundable.

The IRS warns taxpayers to beware of the tax-savings pitch that sounds too good to be true. Taxpayers should seek expert advice before they subscribe to any scheme that offers promises of instant wealth or exemption from taxes.

“The IRS wants taxpayers to be aware of these schemes, scams and cons,” said Mark Matthews, IRS Criminal Investigation chief. “This new page will help protect taxpayers by keeping them informed. We don´t want taxpayers to get caught up in these schemes, which are costly to all Americans.”

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