IRS News Release  
October 16, 2001

IRS Announces Online Application
Process for Federal Agents

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service today announced the availability of an online job application process for Criminal Investigation special agent positions. IRS hopes to hire more than 300 people for these federal agent positions in fiscal year 2002.

Criminal Investigation's hiring efforts will help ensure the that IRS continues to achieve its tax objectives. The additional resources will also enable the IRS to commit special agent support to the nation's terrorism-related investigations and to assist in the Air Marshal program.

If selected, applicants join a workforce of nearly 3,000 IRS Criminal Investigation special agents who perform a critical role in protecting the integrity of our national tax system. Known as the world's finest financial investigators, IRS special agents investigate complex financial crimes involving tax fraud, financial-related narcotics crimes, organized crime and public corruption. IRS special agents become involved in many high-dollar investigations of all types of illegal activity.

Once selected, special agent candidates attend the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, undergoing a demanding eight-week course in criminal investigation basics, from federal criminal law to firearms training. After initial training, candidates attend specialized courses that include instruction in tax law, criminal tax fraud, computer fraud, money laundering and a variety of financial fraud schemes. Candidates are also introduced to undercover operations, electronic surveillance techniques, forensic sciences, court procedures, and trial witness training.

For those interested in becoming a part of the IRS financial investigation team, the online application can be found at For more information about a career as an IRS special agent, see

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