IRS News Release  
September 26, 2001

Data Book Details IRS Numbers
Shows Collection Costs Down,
Charitable Groups Grow

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service´s cost for collecting each $100 of tax revenue reached the lowest point since 1954, according to the new IRS Data Book for Fiscal Year 2000.

The Data Book, released today, shows it cost the IRS 39 cents to collect $100 in FY 2000, the smallest amount in more than four decades. In 1993, it cost 60 cents to collect $100. The drop for 2000 reflects several long-term factors, including the rapid growth in revenue to almost $2.1 trillion in 2000 and slower growth in IRS expenses during the same period.

The collection costs are among thousands of statistics included in the 2000 Data Book, which presents the last full year of data prior to the fiscal 2001 reorganization of the IRS.

This year´s Data Book makes an important change in several of the 32 tables of information. Instead of numbers being grouped under the old IRS regions and districts, the new numbers in several tables are broken down state-by-state. The new approach should be helpful to the media, researchers and others interested in state numbers.

As an example of the kind of statistical nuggets of information available in the 2000 Data Book,the number of charitable organizations – 501(c)(3)´s – continued to grow. They reached 819,008 in FY 2000, an increase from 692,524 in FY 1997.

The Internal Revenue Service Data Book 2000, Publication 55B, Catalog Number 215671 (8-2001) is available from the Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. The tables are also available on the IRS Internet site at – under the “Stats” section.

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