IRS News Release  
December 12, 2001

“News for You 2002”
Highlights Tax Law & IRS Changes

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service today unveiled information on tax changes to help the public prepare for the upcoming filing season.

“News for You 2002” highlights some of the many changes taking place at the IRS since the agency undertook the largest reorganization effort in nearly 50 years. It represents a renewed effort to keep taxpayers and tax practitioners informed of the latest events that directly affect them.

Now available at, “News for You 2002” contains 13 fact sheets outlining tax law and IRS changes to help individuals, businesses and tax practitioners. For example, many individuals and businesses will have new addresses to file their tax returns.

Tax practitioners will have a new nationwide toll-free hotline number. And, some taxpayers may be eligible for additional tax relief.

“For 2002, we are continuing the modernization process by making significant changes in our service center and other operations – changes we are confident will improve service to taxpayers,” said IRS Commissioner Charles O. Rossotti.

In an effort to better meet taxpayers´ needs, the IRS will begin processing tax returns at facilities dedicated to either business or individual taxpayers. “News for You 2002” contains a listing of new addresses where practitioners, businesses and taxpayers should mail returns and payments. Alternatively, “News for You 2002” also outlines the changes that make filing tax returns electronically easier than ever.

Beginning January 2, tax professionals will be able to call a new toll-free nationwide support line. IRS customer service representatives trained to handle practitioners´ questions will staff the new Practitioner Priority Service. The telephone number, which will be distributed later to practitioners, will be available weekdays, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

“News for You 2002” also explains how those taxpayers who are eligible but did not receive the full amount of their advance credit payment may complete a worksheet in their tax package to claim the difference and reduce their tax liability. The advance refund payment was mailed to most taxpayers this summer.

“News for You 2002” outlines changes in the alternative minimum tax, the child tax credit, the tax rate reduction and other new provisions enacted by Congress.

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