IRS News Release  
November 28, 2001

IRS Advises Tax Professionals to
Apply Soon for E-Filing

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service advises tax professionals who would like to e-file tax returns for their clients during 2002 to file their applications soon. The form must be submitted by those new to the e-file program and by those who need to update prior applications.

“Now more than ever, this is the year to begin participating in the IRS e-file program either as a tax professional using e-file or as a taxpayer,” said Terry Lutes, Director, Electronic Tax Administration. “This filing season, more than 99 percent of the forms and schedules related to Form 1040 can be filed electronically.”

Tax professionals should submit Form 8633, “Application to Participate in the IRS e-file Program,” by December 1 if they want to provide e-file services on the first day of the e-filing season (January 11). Although the IRS will accept applications until May 31, the sooner tax professionals apply, the sooner they can offer e-file to their customers. Form 8633 is available from the IRS web site at

The e-file program has grown exponentially since it began as a pilot in 1986 when fewer than 25,000 returns were filed electronically. This year, more than 40 million tax returns were filed electronically – an increase of more than 13 percent. Of that 40 million, almost 30 million were filed through tax professionals.

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