IRS News Release  
January 11, 2001

IRS Extends Application Period of
Comprehensive Case Resolution Pilot for
Large Businesses

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service announced Wednesday an extension of the period for submitting applications for Comprehensive Case Resolution (CCR) pilot program.

Under this pilot program, large business taxpayers may request resolution of all years they have open under examination by the Large and Mid-Size Business Division (LMSB), in Appeals, and in docketed status before the United States Tax Court, through an IRS team process. The IRS believes the CCR program offers significant potential benefits for taxpayers as well as the IRS.

The CCR pilot program will create IRS teams familiar with each case to resolve disagreements with business taxpayers. The team approach will benefit both the taxpayers and the IRS by reducing costs, burdens and delays through quick completion of the cases.

“Taxpayers will save time and resources by working with one team from IRS rather than several different functional areas. Comprehensive Case Resolution is a part of the overall LMSB issue management strategy to resolve disputes earlier with taxpayers and to eliminate controversy earlier in the process,” said Larry Langdon, LMSB Commissioner.

In the pilot phase, the program is available to large businesses that currently have at least one open year under examination in a Coordinated Examination Program and at least one prior year in Appeals. Taxpayers participating in the pilot program will be asked to assist in monitoring and evaluating the process. After evaluating the pilot cases, the IRS may offer the program, with or without further modification, on a permanent basis.

Applications will be accepted through April 30, 2001 or until a sufficient number of applications have been accepted to conduct a pilot program, whichever occurs first. The program is jointly administered by LMSB, Appeals, and, if years are docketed, Chief Counsel.

Taxpayers interested in participating in the pilot program or with questions about the program should contact their Team Manager or the CCR Pilot Coordinator to discuss their suitability for the program. Additional information on the CCR pilot may be found in Notice 2001-13 on the IRS Web site at

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