IRS News Release  
October 20, 2000

New Members Selected for
IRS Electronic Tax Administration
Advisory Committee

ETAAC is currently comprised of five members, whose two-year terms end in December 2001. The addition of these eight new members will ensure continuity when the terms of the current members end. The new members are:

  • Kevin G. Belden of Albany, New York. Belden is the former Chief Information Officer for the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. While in this position, he had overall responsibility for electronic tax administration and was responsible for the statewide Electronic Value Transfer Administration initiative aimed at promoting the use of electronic payment alternatives by New York State government entities.
  • Glen L. Bower of Springfield, Illinois. Bower is the Director of Revenue for the Illinois Department of Revenue, where he has expanded electronic filing, payment and communications methods. He previously served as Chairman of the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, where he was a strong advocate of the use of technology in their programs.
  • Eric R. Blackledge of Corvallis, Oregon. Blackledge is the President of Blackledge Furniture. He has been a long-term advocate for improved electronic information and filing systems and has been an active supporter of the STAWRS joint payroll tax reporting program. In addition, he has lobbied for a uniform code and simplified electronic reporting for businesses.
  • Paul R. Hocking of London, England. Hocking is the Director of Frank Hirth plc (public limited company). The firm is a private client practice specializing in U.S./U.K. individual and corporate taxation compliance. He is actively involved in all matters relating to electronic filing of both U.K. and U.S. tax returns. As the senior tax professional he is responsible for all aspects of the firmís marketing and development as well as advising a substantial portfolio of clients. Brenda B. Hunter of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Hunter is the Manager, Payroll and Benefit Accounting, of Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC. She is responsible for overseeing the transmittals of electronic files for 37 companies to the IRS, state and local institutions as well as financial institutions. She is actively involved in identifying, reviewing, mapping and implementing work processes for Bechtel Jacobs companyís welfare, pension and savings plans.
  • Charles E. McCabe of Richmond, Virginia. McCabe is the President and CEO of Peoples Income Tax, Inc. and has participated in and supported the IRS e-filing program since founding the business in 1987. Peoples was one of three firms in central Virginia to participate in the e-filing program in 1988 (for tax year 1987), which was the first year the program was available locally. Peoples operates 16 tax preparation offices in central Virginia and encourages its clients and tax associates to e-file all tax returns that can be filed electronically, resulting in the e-filing of an estimated 90% of some 9,000 returns prepared by Peoples. Peoples is the publisher of E-Filing TODAY, a nationally distributed newsletter for Electronic Return Originators (EROs), ERO suppliers and other e-filing industry participants.
  • Daniel Tarantin of Parsippany, New Jersey. Tarantin is the President and CEO of Jackson Hewitt Inc., a subsidiary of Cendant Corporation. Jackson Hewitt Inc. is the nationís second largest tax preparation service, with nearly 3,000 locations in 46 states. Mr. Tarantin provides the forum and tools, including electronic filing, that the franchisees use to counsel and support taxpayers as they prepare for and go through the income tax return filing process. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service offices, where 95% of all returns are electronically filed, has always offered free electronic filing to its customers. The company also promotes the merits and use of e-filing to taxpayers through its marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Patricia M. Traynor of Florham Park, New Jersey. Traynor is the E-Business Vice President of AT&T. She created, launched and managed one of AT&Tís first Intranet applications -- which involved the technical design as well as the communications, training and user adoption required for success. The AT&T Intranet today has over 114,000 worldwide users and over 150,000 hits per day and stringent content management. She is a member of the American Management Association, the National Association of Female Executives and the American Bar Association.

The new members will participate in the next ETAAC public meeting, set for December 14, 2000, at the Radisson Barcelo Hotel, 2121 P Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.

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