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July 31, 2000

New Agency-Wide Shared Services Begins at IRS

WASHINGTON - As part of the Internal Revenue Service reorganization, the new Agency-Wide Shared Services (AWSS) began work Monday to provide nationwide support for the tax agency.

The organization will unify IRS operations that include procurement, facilities, real estate, personnel, and Equal Employment Opportunity and diversity issues. AWSS will be a key component supporting the IRS reorganization efforts.

“We’ve designed our organization to help the rest of the IRS provide world-class service to taxpayers,” said William E. Boswell, AWSS Chief. Boswell will lead the group, along with AWSS Deputy Chief Gregory D. Rothwell. They will oversee a nationwide staff of more than 5,000 IRS employees and a budget of $1.3 billion.

AWSS will be aligned to serve the tax agency in several ways:

Several functions, such as Facilities Management and EEO and Diversity Field Services, will report to AWSS headquarters in Washington while working in IRS offices around the country. Some AWSS functions will be dedicated to specific parts of the new IRS organization. For example, the four new IRS Operating Divisions will be assigned their own personnel offices from AWSS.

In the next few years, Boswell said AWSS will continue to evolve and build its capabilities and improve its procedures. “We envision AWSS as a vital part of the new IRS,” Boswell said.

The new AWSS is part of a broader IRS reorganization to transform the tax agency from a geographic-based organization to a customer-focused agency built around the specialized needs of taxpayers.

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