IRS News Release  
May 15, 2000

IRS Selects Mader, Rogers,
Tomaso for New Leadership Team

WASHINGTON - An Internal Revenue Service built around the needs of taxpayers is taking shape, and IRS executives David Mader, Larry Rogers and Judith Tomaso will serve new leadership roles in the reorganized agency.

“These three highly talented individuals will bring invaluable skills and expertise to the new IRS,” said Bob Wenzel, Deputy Commissioner Operations. “They join a strong core of leaders that will guide the IRS through the final phase of the restructuring and into the new century.”

As Assistant Deputy Commissioner Operations, Mader will work with IRS Commissioner Charles O. Rossotti and Wenzel to shape the agency’s strategic direction and will support the day-to-day operations at the IRS.

Mader most recently served as Chief, Management and Finance, where he had responsibility for recruitment, training, workforce development, labor and employee relations as well as all aspects of budgeting and financial management. He is a long-time veteran of the IRS.

Larry Rogers will be the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He will be supported by two deputy CFOs in a realignment that will permit a more specialized focus on improving the results of IRS financial audits and enhancing the agency’s planning and financial management program.

While at the Treasury Department, Rogers acted as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration, established and acted as the Inspector General for Tax Administration and acted as Inspector General for the Treasury Department. His distinguished federal service career includes work as a senior executive in the Labor Department, the Education Department and the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Judith Tomaso, currently the Program Executive for Taxpayer Treatment and Service Improvement, will lead the new Office of Tax Administration Coordination. In this capacity, Tomaso will oversee the Program and Project Coordination Office, which will govern multi-division business improvement initiatives, implementation of new legislation and manage the Tax Administration Council. She will also oversee the Organizational Performance Office, which guides the development and use of employee performance measures, administers the IRS customer and employee satisfaction surveys and manages the new Business Performance Review System.

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