IRS News Release  
February 22, 2000

IRS Names New Head of Exempt
Organizations Rulings & Agreements

WASHINGTON - Evelyn Petschek, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service’s Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TE/GE) Division, today announced the selection of Steven D. Arkin as the Director of Exempt Organizations Rulings and Agreements.

In this position, Arkin will be responsible for developing and managing the IRS’s up-front compliance programs for exempt organizations. This includes the EO determination program by which organizations apply for tax-exempt status and the EO technical programs, including private letter rulings and other guidance on exempt-organization issues.

"The emphasis on our up-front compliance programs is the key to providing EO customers the information they need to meet their tax responsibilities," Petschek said. "Steve brings a wealth of experience to the job and will complement the solid management team we’re building to serve the tax-exempt community." Arkin comes to TE/GE from the Department of the Treasury, where he served as Deputy Tax Legislative Counsel in the Office of Tax Policy. He was also Legislation Counsel of the Joint Committee on Taxation for over 10 years, where he specialized in tax-exempt organizations. He received his Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School in 1982.

In his new position, Arkin will report to Steven T. Miller, recently named the director of the Exempt Organizations function of TE/GE. The TE/GE Division, which became operational in December 1999, is one of four customer-focused entities that are taking the place of the geographic based structure at the IRS. TE/GE serves the needs of a unique customer base that includes tax-exempt organizations, public and private retirement plans, tax-exempt bond issuances, Indian Tribal Governments, and federal, state and local government entities..

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