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January 27, 2000

IRS Requests Comments on Balanced Measures

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service is inviting comments from taxpayers and tax professionals on specific measures in the agency’s new Balanced Measurement System. Developing and implementing a balanced set of performance measures is a key component of the IRS’s modernization effort and its renewed commitment to customer service. Input from the public will be used in the continuous improvement of the measures. The IRS Balanced Measurement System includes measures of organizational performance that will help balance customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and business results (both quality and quantity).

Over the last year, as part of the balanced measurement system, the IRS has conducted customer satisfaction surveys with taxpayers and has administered an employee satisfaction survey. The survey dat a will be used wit h business result s dat a to ensure a balanced approach t o organizat ional performance measurement.

he majority of IRS managers and employees have received training in the balanced measurement approach. Managers will be accountable for actions they take in support of the organizational goals. Balanced measures will help managers identify areas for improvement. The IRS has published an Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) 105.4 to address managing in a balanced measurement environment.

The IRS welcomes comments on the specific balanced measures as part of the modernized IRS. The IRS will make the comments available to the public. Therefore, commentators should not include personal tax data or other information that they do not want disclosed. Comments are requested by February 29, 2000 and may be sent to the Internal Revenue Service, Attn: C:DO:OPME (Office of Organizational Performance Management), Room 1136, Washington, DC 20224. Comments may also be submitted electronically through the Newsstand section of the IRS Web site,

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