IRS News Release  
November 15, 1999

IRS Names Unit Heads for Tax
Exempt and Government Entities Division

WASHINGTON Evelyn Petschek, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service’s new Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TE/GE) Division, today announced the directors for the division’s Employee Plans, Exempt Organizations and Government Entities functions.

Carol Gold will be director of the new Employee Plans function. Gold has held a variety of positions within the current Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations organization during her 23-year career with the IRS. She currently serves as director of the Employee Plans Division.

Steve Miller will head the new Exempt Organizations function. Currently the Acting Assistant Commissioner for Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations, Miller spent several years in the Chief Counsel’s Office of Employee Benefits and Exempt Organizations before joining the EP/EO organization in 1993. Miller also has experience as a staffer on the Joint Committee on Taxation and in private practice.

Ed Weiler will be director of the new Government Entities function. Weiler is a graduate of the 1987 Executive Development Program and has held a number of positions within the IRS including Deputy Assistant Commissioner EP/EO. He currently serves as director of the Upstate New York IRS District.

“The selection of these three very talented executives marks an important milestone in the modernization effort,” Petschek said. “With a solid management team in place, the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division is well positioned to begin operations later this year.”

The TE/GE Division is one of four customer-focused entities that will take the place of the current geographic based organizational structure at the IRS. It will serve the needs of a unique customer base that includes public and private retirement plans, tax-exempt bond issuances, tax-exempt organizations, Indian Tribal Governments and federal, state and local entities.

Petschek was appointed to the top spot in the TE/GE Division in April 1999. Darlene Berthod, formerly the IRS Deputy Chief Operations Officer, will serve as her deputy. They bring to their respective posts more than 37 years of combined government service.

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