IRS News Release  
April 13, 1999

IRS Improves Complaint Analysis Process

WASHINGTON - Commissioner of Internal Revenue Charles O. Rossotti announced today that he has established the Commissioner’s Complaint Processing Analysis Group.

“This Group will enhance our responsiveness to both employee and taxpayer complaints,” Commissioner Rossotti said. “It will improve the integrity of our operations by identifying, managing, tracking and analyzing complaints and referrals received by my office.”

The Commissioner’s Complaint Processing Analysis Group will not replace existing methods for resolving complaints, such as those used by the Taxpayer Advocate, the Equal Employment Opportunity Program, or the Office of Labor Relations, but will monitor and coordinate with such systems. The Group will ensure that matters referred to the Commissioner, either directly or through the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, are resolved as expeditiously as possible through existing methods or through action by the appropriate management officials.

The Group will issue a semiannual report on its activities, and will provide information on complaint disposition for dissemination to IRS employees and to the public.

Commissioner Rossotti appointed Stephen Whitlock as the National Director of the Commissioner’s Complaint Processing and Analysis Group. Whitlock, a former Assistant Inspector General with the Department of Defense, managed organizations with similar responsibilities while at Defense.

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