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December 12, 1999

IRS Announces New Operating Division

WASHINGTON - This week the Internal Revenue Service reached a major milestone in its restructuring of the agency with the official establishment of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TE/GE) Division on December 5.

The TE/GE Division is one of four business units with which the IRS is replacing its current geographic-based structure. The Division serves three distinct customer segments - employee plans, exempt organizations, and government entities (which includes federal, state, local, and Indian tribal governments) - and administers complex provisions of tax law affecting 3 million customers that control more than $6.7 trillion in assets.

The new organization, which will be implemented in phases, replaces the key district structure. "This is the first step in implementing the new design," said Evelyn Petschek, Commissioner of the new organization. "As we roll out the Division over the next year, we will continue to ask for feedback from our customers. We want to be responsive to our customers’ needs as we more fully develop the new organization." The other three customer-focused divisions will be Large and Mid-size Business, Small Business/Self Employed, and Wage and Investment - all of which are to be established during 2000.

The TE/GE top leadership team is composed of Petschek, who was appointed Commissioner of the TE/GE Division in April 1999, and Darlene Berthod, who was appointed Deputy Commissioner in October 1999. Heading the Employee Plans, Exempt Organizations, and Government Entities functions are Carol Gold, Steve Miller, and Ed Weiler, respectively, who were appointed in November 1999.

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