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December 01, 1998

Internal Revenue Service
Recruits for Top Positions

WASHINGTON - As part of its ongoing effort to modernize operations and improve service to taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service has begun recruiting for senior leadership positions in two of its newly created operating divisions.

The individuals selected to fill the new top leadership positions will manage the IRS's Middle Market/Large Corporation and Tax Exempt operating divisions. Recruitment for the two other divisions - one serving taxpayers with wage and investment income, the other serving small businesses - will begin later in 1999.

"We want only the best people from inside and outside the IRS on our management team," said Charles 0. Rossotti, Commissioner of Internal Revenue. "I am personally involved in making sure that we put the right people into the right jobs.

The IRS is recruiting both externally and internally within the IRS. It has engaged the services of an executive search firm to find and review the external candidates. To attract top-level internal applicants, Rossotti recently sent personal letters inviting qualified IRS executives to apply.

"Over the past six months, we have attracted some outstanding people to join the IRS who complement the excellent IRS executive staff already in place," Rossotti said. "This winning combination in our senior management not only provides a wide range of talent and experience, but helps guarantee that we will achieve our goal of providing top quality service to our customers, the American taxpayers, by looking at things from their point of view."

As part of its modernization, the IRS focusing on improving customer service by reorganizing into four business units to meet the needs of specific groups of taxpayers.

The Middle Market/Large Corporation unit will have about 10,000 employees and will serve about 80,000 corporations. It will also have responsibility for the IRS's international activities. The entities served by this operating division, which include the county's largest corporations, are responsible for paying almost $520 billion in taxes, including income, employment and withholding taxes.

The Tax Exempt unit will have about 4,000 employees. The entities it will serve include 900,000 private retirement plans with 77 million participants and assets of $2.4 trillion; public retirement plans controlling nearly $3 trillion; over 1 million tax exempt organizations and an estimated 340,000 religious organizations controlling assets of $1.2 trillion; 86,000 federal, state and local entities; and 220,000 tax exempt bonds with a total value of $1.3 trillion.

The IRS said it expects to decide on the locations for these two operating units and announce them in January, before the final selection of the positions is made.

Over the past six months, the IRS has recruited several external applicants into leadership positions with the IRS. Among these are John LaFaver, now the Deputy Commissioner for Modernization, Paul Cosgrave, the Chief Information Officer, and Val Oveson, the Taxpayer Advocate. All were well-known in their fields, either in state taxation or private-sector technology, before joining the IRS.

To get more information about these two new positions or to send a resume, contact Renee Brotman at 202-622-4710 (voice) or 202-622-5552 (fax).

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