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May 05, 1998

IRS Announces May 16 Problem Solving Day

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service will hold another Problem Solving Day on May 16 at 44 locations nationwide. Problem Solving Day will provide taxpayers who have long-standing tax problems the opportunity to work face-to-face with IRS employees to find solutions.

With National Small Business Week scheduled for May 31 to June 6, the IRS will make a special effort to help small businesses with tax problems. Each of the 44 IRS locations will provide free small business tax publications and will lend educational videos on a first-come, first-served basis. A schedule of free IRS small business workshops and information about the Small Business Taxpayer Education Program (STEP) will also be available.

To find the nearest location, taxpayers may call the IRS toll-free help line at 1- 800-829-1040 or access the IRS's Web site at

Since the IRS's Problem Solving Days began last November, about 25,000 taxpayers have been helped either in person or by telephone. In most cases, taxpayers received assistance with their problems and had their problems resolved. In other cases, taxpayers were given either advice or information about why they could not be helped further.

Taxpayers do not have to wait until Problem Solving Day to resolve their tax problems. They can call the IRS toll-free line at 1- 800-829-1040 anytime and ask that their problem be referred to the Taxpayer Advocate. The Taxpayer Advocate is the primary champion for taxpayers who have problems that cannot be resolved through ordinary channels.

A list of Problem Solving Day locations and dates is attached.

                March 16 Problem Solving Day
St  City            Street Address              Date    Time
AZ  Flagstaff       121 East Birch St. #403     5/16/98 9am-3pm
AK  Anchorage       949 East 36th Ave.          5/16/98 9am-3pm
CA  Fresno          5104 N. Blythe              5/16/98 9am-3pm
CA  Laguna Niguel   24000 Avila Rd.             5/16/98 9am-3pm
CA  Los Angeles     300 N. Los Angeles          5/16/98 9am-3pm
CA  Oakland         1301 Clay St.               5/16/98 9am-3pm
CA  Oxnard          2500 Financial Sq.          5/16/97 9am-3pm
CA  Sacramento      4330 Watt Ave.              5/16/98 9am-3pm
CA  San Jose        55 South Market St.         5/16/98 9am-3pm
CO  Denver          600 17th St.                5/16/98 9am-3pm
CT  Hartford        135 High St.                5/16/98 9am-3pm
FL  Panama City     651-F West 14th St.         5/16/98 9am-5pm
FL  Plantation      One North Univ. Dr.         5/16/98 9am-3pm
GA  Atlanta         Altanta Civic Ctr.          5/16/98 9am-5pm
                    385 Piedmont Ave. Rm. 104
HI  Kailua Kona     75-5586 Ololi Rd. # 2007    5/16/98 9am-3pm
IL  Chicago         230 S. Dearborn St.         5/16/98 9am-3pm
IN  Indianapolis    Fed. Blg.                   5/16/98 9am-3pm
                    575 N. Pennsylvania St.
LA  Shreveport      3007 Knight St. Rm. 100     5/16/98 9am-3pm
MA  Boston          JFK Fed. Bldg.              5/16/98 9am-3pm
                    25 New Sudbury St.
MD  Columbia        Howard Community College    5/16/98 9am-3pm
                    10910 Ltl. Patuxent Pk.
ME  South Portland  220 Main mall Rd.
MI  Flint           815 S. Saginaw              5/16/98 9am-3pm
MN  St. Paul        316 N. Robert St.           5/16/98 9am-3pm
MO  St. Louis       Robert A. Young Fed. Bldg.  5/16/98 9am-3pm
                    1222 Spruce St.             5/16/98 9am-3pm
NC  Greensboro      320 Federal Place           5/16/98 9am-3pm
NJ  Cherry Hill     57 Haddonfield Rd.          5/16/98 9am-3pm
NJ  Paterson        200 Federal Plaza           5/16/98 9am-3pm
NY  Brooklyn        10 Metro Tech Ctr.          5/16/98 9am-3pm
                    625 Fulton St.
NY  Hauppauge(LI)   1180 Veterans Hwy.          5/16/98 9am-3pm
NY  Manhattan-Mdtwn 110 West 44th St.           5/16/98 9am-3pm
NY  Cheektowaga     Appletree Bus. Pk. Ste. 12  5/16/98 9am-3pm
                    Union & Bennett Rds.
OH  Dayton          200 W. Second St            5/16/98 9am-3pm
OK  Oklahoma City   55 N. Robinson              5/16/98 9am-3pm
OR  Salem           530 Center St. NE           5/16/98 9am-3pm
PA  Erie            1314 Griswold Plaza         5/16/98 9am-3pm
PR  Hato Rey        Mercantil Plaza Bldg.    5/16/98 8:30am-1pm
                    Ponce de Leon Ave. Rm. G05
TN  Memphis         Falls Bldg. 400,            5/16/98 9am-3pm
                    22 N. Front Side
TX  Austin          Federal Bldg. 300 E 8th St. 5/16/98 9am-3pm
TX  Dallas          Federal Bldg. 4050 Alpha Rd 5/16/98 9am-3pm
TX  Desoto          1801 N. Hampton Ste. 270    5/16/98 9am-3pm
TX  Houston         Federal Bldg. 1919 Smith St 5/16/98 9am-3pm
TX  Lubbock         Federal Office Bldg.        5/14/98 4pm-8pm
                    1205 Texas Ave. 5/14/98*
WA  Tacoma          1201 Pacific Ave.           5/16/98 9am-3pm
WI  Milwaukee       310 W. Wisconsin Ave.       5/16/98 9am-3pm
WV  Bridgeport      11 Chenoweth Dr. Ste. 2     5/16/98 9am-3pm

*Note different date

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