IRS News Release  
March 25, 1998

Final Modernization Request
for Proposal Released

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service will release the final Request for Proposal (RFP) for a prime systems integration services contractor for IRS's computer systems on March 26, 1998. The prime contractor will provide program management, systems development, and integration capabilities needed to implement IRS's extensive systems modernization project as outlined in its Modernization Blueprint.

The IRS expects to award the contract in December 1998 and to phase in the technology gradually, starting in 1999.

"Systems modernization is one of our most critical goals," said Charles 0. Rossotti, Commissioner of Internal Revenue. "Modernized technology will provide us with the architectural platform to support a modernized organizational structure and business practices, and will give us the tools we need to improve customer service."

The Modernization Blueprint has five phases. The implementation of applications that will improve certain aspects of customer service are among the early deliverables. The initial phase focuses on systems that will give taxpayers easier access to the IRS either by telephone or over the Internet, and give IRS customer service representatives access to all the account information they need to resolve taxpayer account issues accurately, completely, and timely. It also provides for improved systems and data security to limit access to tax account information to only those employees who need the information in order to assist taxpayers. The RFP is available on the IRS Procurement Web site at

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