IRS News Release  
July 08, 1996

IRS Issues Revision of Publication
Explaining Taxpayers' Rights

WASHINGTON - As part of its on-going efforts to simplify the tax forms, tax information publications and other documents it sends to the public, the Internal Revenue Service has issued a new two-page version of Publication 1, "Your Rights as a Taxpayer." The revision is not only shorter and easier to understand, but it also features a new declaration of taxpayers & the1r rights, highlighting the most important rights taxpayers have when doing business with the IRS.

Like the earlier version of Publication 1, the new revision explains taxpayers' rights when dealing with the IRS in the examination, appeals and collection processes. It also explains how taxpayers can file a claim for a refund and get additional tax information, including tax forms and publications by fax and from the Internet.

Included in the declaration of taxpayer rights highlighted in the new Publication 1 are: "protection of your rights," "privacy and confidentiality," "professional and courteous service" and "help from the Problem Resolution Office."

"The rights themselves are not new," said IRS Commissioner Margaret Milner Richardson. "The IRS has always recognized and respected taxpayer rights. By setting them forth in this declaration, we are emphasizing the importance we place on protecting taxpayers' rights and maintaining the public trust in the American system of voluntary tax compliance."

Like the current version of Publication 1, the revised publication will be included in initial correspondence and notices the IRS sends to taxpayers in connection with questions about their tax returns and tax accounts.

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